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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, May 12, 2008


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

Dumbbell Walking lunge, 10 steps

Dumbbell Hang Clean, 10 reps

Coach’s notes:Β  Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Comments: 14

What weight would you use?

So I went thinking I would use 20lbs, but immediately determined that was too heavy. Used 15lbs per hand and managed 8 rounds plus 10 lunges and 8 hang cleans. It was tougher than I thought.

Guys use 25lbs, gals 15lbs.

Congratulations to all the crossfit kids for participating in their second crossfit class this past Sunday. Your energy and excitment are awesome. Keep it up!!

The class WOD was

run 4 laps around the parking area
Max pushups in 1min
Max Situps in 1min
MAx squats in 1min
run 4 laps around the parking area
10 reps of best form pushups, sit ups, squats

time for 4 laps
Sara, 6, run 1:19 pushups 40, situps 30, squats 41, run 1:31
Dylan 7, run-1:22 pushups (on box) 40, situps (assisted) 36, squats 40, run 1:40
Emma, 8, run 1:28, pushups 42, situps 33, squats 42 run 1:42
Alyssa, 9, run 1:21 pushups 36, situps 40, squat 45, run 1:33
Haley, 9, run 1:32, pushups 40 (box/wall) situps 29, squat 37, run 1:43


Kelly, 11, Run 1:20, pushups 40, situps 24, squat 37 Run 1:32
Adam, 9, Run 1:11 pushups 41, situps 29, squat 39 Run 1:18
Eric D, 11, Run 0:58, pushups 32, situp 38, squat, 41 run 1:11

Great job on the squats this week. You must have worked on them at home as form was excellent!!!
Everybody please try and work on BEST FORM pushups, situps, squats and planks for next class.

For anybody who is interested in more information Pls check out the CFC Kids page for more details and contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca for Registration information.

Your Calgary Crossfit Kids Team, Chantal, Laura & Gord

As Rx’d, hang squat cleans
12 rounds even.

I used 10lbs, and finished 14 rounds !!!

Awesome workout.

As Rx’d, (25# DB) hang squat cleans
9 rounds even

I usually pick weights halfway between men’s and women’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Today I went with 20 lbs.
Did 10 rounds plus 10 lunges and 1 hang clean.

11 rounds even, with 1 second to spare….

Neil as Rx’d, 11 rounds plus 10 lunges
Judy as Rx’d, 7 rounds plus 10 lunges

As Rx’d (this is the first time I’ve got to say that! πŸ™‚ )…

8 or 9 rounds – evidently need to work on counting skills.

As Rx’d 9 rounds even. First timer

b/c of ankle I could not do the WOD…instead did as many rounds in 20 minutes of pushups and sit ups…26 rounds…not bad considering KTE’s on Sunday…..

As Rx’d
12 rds + 10 lunges

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