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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 9, 2020

“Hard Cindy”

Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Weighted Pull-ups – 35#/25#
10 Push-ups with Feet on a Box – 30”/24”
15 Squats – 45#/25# plate

Coach’s notes:

Note this is the www.crossfit.com WOD from Febraury 18, 2020. Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 22

8 rds plus 4 pull-ups RX
Thanks Derek

Have never done regular Cindy – today was the day. Rx: 13 rounds – as usually push ups were my limiting move. Bring back on the push up challenge….or I’ll just do some more at home I guess.

Great push today Joe!

6rnds + 4 pullup. Rx

Regular Cindy today as well, I had no record of it.
18 rounds plus 1
Thanks Jeremy, good job 9am.

6 rounds + 5 pull-ups + 3 pushups
– Pull-ups were mostly strict. R1/2/3 did 3 with 7.5#DB and 2 no weight, R4 all no weight, R5/6 did 2 with DB and 3 no weight, R7 no weight, kipping “ish”
– Push-ups were from toes using medium height stool, unbroken first 3 rounds then in 2 sets of 5
– Squats rx’d

Duncan and Grant using belts looked scary and risky to certain body parts! Thanks, Derek M – good push queues even tho it might have looked like we were all ignoring you!!

7 scaled rounds. Banded pull-ups, push-ups degraded as I went, ended on my knees for the last couple reps, and 35# squat.

I was with the 9 a.m. group doing regular Cindy. Not sure if I have a previous score. Did banded pull-ups (1 wide green band and one skinny green band), push ups from my knees and air squats. 14 rounds even. Joe was a machine beside me! Thanks Shannon.

9 rounds + 1 Pull-up rx’d.
Pull-ups all strict with a dumbbell held between my feet.
Thanks Zak!
That was fun.

11 rounds plus 15 Rxd. Shoulda made 12, but spent the last round looking at the clock trying not to yarf. Was pretty ticked at myself. ha. Used a weight belt with a 35# kettlebell suspended and worked well, was able to step in and out of it easy, and sorta half kip most reps. Unbroken on all pull-ups, started to break my pushups approximately in half in about round 5-6. Squats were slow to catch my breath, 45# plate on back of my neck. Really fun! Thanks Zak!! Nice work 5pm!

7 rounds + 5 PU

Pull-ups at 15# dumbbell between the feet ( a weird Kipping seal out of water kind of motion I’m sure)
Pushups off 24” box
Squats with 35# plate

Stayed efficient and kept moving. Pushups broke down to singles but what do you do!!!

Great job 6pm and thanks Zak. Fun wod and class today!!

7 rounds + 10 reps
Weighted pull-ups: 5# strapped to my back with a babe so I could kip.
Note to self: lay off the Jelly Bellies and cinnamon buns because if I gain any weight I won’t be able to do pull ups.
Push-ups: all from ties but first time doing all proper pull ups. They got pretty snaky though.
Squats rxd.

Really liked this one.

Thanks Zack!!

*bar not “babe.” Jeez. 🙄

11 rounds + 10 Rx

Thanks Jeff for the tip on kipping with the belt and kettlebell, that really worked! 7 rounds in the first 10 minutes and I really thought I could catch you. But then I hit the wall for the second half and Pukey was looking over my shoulder for the last 2 or 3 rounds. Good times….

Thanks Z!

Oh. My. God. A BAND!!!!
Proofread Sandy

Hey Crew,
Slowly coming back around………hope to be back in the gym later this week. Was not able to keep up with the comments as of late, but I did hear about some pretty sick “Isabel” PR’s from the other day. Bryan, a 31s improvement is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Storbakken, I really not sure what to say………1:21 is seriously messed, have you been sand bagging for the last 10 years!?!?!?!?!? While these are just 2 notable from that day, the improvement by the entire Crew on that WOD was really unbelievable. Can’t express how happy seeing how you all performed in this WOD made me, technical lift, moderate to heavy weight for most, and relatively short time domain, this is a true test of fitness, and speaks to the level you have all reached, again, super proud!!!!!!!. Also, great to see so many comments, keep it up Crew, PR’s all around!!!!!!

Don’t remember ever doing Cindy before so I did it normal
11 rounds + 5 RX

Thanks Zakk

Also, thanks for the quality read Sandy!

13 Rounds Rx

Used weight belt and 35 pound plate for pull ups. Kept as hard as I could to try and save my arms. All rounds were broken.

Push ups did 2 sets of 5 every round except the last round where I busted out 10.

Squats, I would switch between holding the plate on my chest and on my back.

Coach Shannon has a great tip to think about how fast you would ideally be going at the 10 min mark and try to keep that pace the whole time. Great tip.

Thanks Shannon, great work 10am!

Sandy, its like a brain game for the rest of us so you’ve done us all a favor!! 🤣

First time attempting Cindy

I did the regular Cindy,
Push ups were the limiting factor. I could only do 2 or 3 at a time for the second half, which really slowed me down.
11 Rounds.

7 rounds

I’ve never done Cindy before so I just did the regular one.

Pull ups: one leg assist on the bar

Push ups: this is what slowed me down the most. Did all from the knees.

Squats were squats haha

I pushed really hard in the last 30 seconds to finish the 7th round.

Sandy you’ve just made me feel so much better about my commenting a couple of weeks ago 😂

Thanks Zak!

Wore a 20# vest and got 9 rounds in it. Tore my hands pretty good and may have had a few no rep pull ups but I wanted to challenge myself.

8 +1

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