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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 rounds for time:

40 Thrusters – 65#/45#

10 Strict Pull-ups

40 Box Jumps – 24″/18″

10 Strict Pull-ups

40 Switch Lunges

10 Strict Pull-ups

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 20

19:35 as rx’d – this deceiving!!! Round 1 not so bad, round 2 awful! Thrusters broken, box jumps slow, split lunges last 20 in 5’s πŸ™ Pretty much all pullups in 1’s for last 20….
Felt good to wod though πŸ™‚ thanks Brett! Great work this am everyone!!!

Just thought that I would point out that Rebecca has 2 handprints directly on her butt in chalk, what was going on before this?

15:46 as rx’d, this is definately a tough WOD mentally. First round not too bad, Second round not so fun. Good push by everyone this morning. Thanks Brett.


31:08 as rx’d (not sure ugly was rx’d but it was there regardless).

24:28 as rx’d
all sets broken to some degree :S

Wow, that felt excruciatingly difficult. Trying to find a good excuse but none there – as rx’d – 33:46

27 minutes on the dot as rx’d. If it would have been safe to drive home with my head resting on the steering wheel, I would have done so. I pulled a “Krista” this week..I haven’t had a rest day since last Tuesday. OOPS. Krista is a machine:), I am NOT..please read steering wheel comment above. Thank you so much Erin for appearing right in front of me during key moments in this wod- awesome coaching as always! Amazing work by all in the 6!

45 lb. thruster, rest as rx’d


Paced round 1 a bit based on what 5 p.m.’ers were saying.
Rounds were about 13 min and 16 min
Stepped through most lunges – no spring left.

Thanks for the help Erin but it quickly became clear that finishing this workout was going to involve a tent and a lantern.

*Shakes fist toward the heavens!*

20:10 as rx’d….liked everything but the pullups (after round one could string about 3 together then the rest in 1’s)…thrusters felt “ok”; box jumps and lunges steady . Thanks Erin!!

Had to modify due to unfortunately still painful ribs. Decided to cut the WOD in half, but instead of just doing one round, I did two rounds with half the amount of reps per exercise.
Pull-ups: had to do a mini kip to get out of full extensions just to kick-start the pull. I have no bands, and apparently I lost my strict pull-ups over the last few months of injuries. Also had to take extra breaks because it hurt to breathe hard.
Box jumps to 20″ box as that is the lowest that I have.

10:14 with half the reps

Hats off to all the people that did the full WOD! I can’t imagine the pain! This was horrible enough!!!

19:55 blue band for pull ups. Thanks Erin!

32:12 as rx’d. Just horrible wod! Mean!
Watching Ryan and Rory go head to head was fun!

25:42 – blue band pull ups.
Thanks Chantal and 5oH-clock class!

25:33 – 32lb thrusters and blue+purple band pull ups.
Thanks Erin!

20:23 – as Rx’d

20:04 layed on the floor feeling guilty about one pull up so redid it.

19:47 – as Rx’d.
– Layed/sat on the floor for a half hour recovering

As Rxd 28:07

Neil – 40:00 as rx’d

31:58 green band for pull ups, 18″ box and 2nd set of thrusters only got 20 as time was running short and wanted to complete wod.

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