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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 31, 2008


21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 rep rounds for time:


Power Snatch

Double Unders

20″ Box Jump

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 65 lbs. and gals use 45lbs.  Remember the power snatch comes from the floor but ends in a partial squat (i.e. catch it as high as you can).  Post time to complete to comments.

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John O performed at OPT with 50lbs for power snatch, rest as rx’d

It was tough to be back after being in Mexico for a week but it felt great to just DO IT!
Did this one in 17:13. with just 22lb bar.
Love the group I work out with, they are awesome and very motivating! Keep it up everybody, see you Wednesdays and Fridays 🙂

9:59 as rx’d
65 lbs, 20 in box, DU’s

32:42 as rx’d
67 lbs, 22 in box, DU’s

I’m REALLY sore from Saturday’s single leg squats (Sunday’s squats, lunges and wallball didn’t help either) and just the thought of jumping on and off a box…..

Wimped out on the WOD and did light power snatches & some cleans instead.

Woohoo, Brittany! Power Snatches, just like you asked for.
Have a great workout!

I Second Pierre’s comments on the sore legs…and I didn’t even do the single leg squats on Saturday…) but Sunday’s “Madi” workout is lingering 🙂

Paige – this is not wod specific but an FYI – steel cut oats are also referred to as Scottish or Irish Oatmeal when out shopping again and Co-op had the good Scottish Oatmeal.

13:57 as rx’d
65 lbs, 20 in box, DU’s

And Paige…you should soak those oats first.
Which leads me to a thought (second one of the day so I am on a roll!)…
Comments section seems to have reached a stalemate, but questions about nutrition comes up often. ? feasible to have a section re: nutrition? So many resources, which often are conflicting, so one where we can receive some feedback / suggestions. Okay, I’m done. (I know, I should have put this in the comments section!)

Thanks Intent and no_excuses! 🙂
Yes, we found the Irish Oats at Community Natural Health Foods. And Yes, I soak the Power Grains overnight, too.
thanks for that you guys!

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