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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 28, 2022

A.  EMOM for 12 minutes:

1 Snatch – Increase load across as many sets as possible.

 B.  9-6-3 reps for time:

Snatches (135/185 lb)
Burpee box jump-overs (24/30 in)

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for A and time to complete B to comments.

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Comments: 5

A) up to 195
B) 8:33 at 175. Last one working in class!
Monday lifting days are always a struggle. Top lockout was a fight from shoulder press yesterday, ended up doing a lot more squat snatches than I planned.
Thanks Derek!

More squat snatches than planned, PERFECT Ryan!!!!!! 🙂
I also found that I was super “weak” today, so kept it light and tried to move fast.
3:52 @135# and 30″

A. Up to 125# but not pretty so backed down to 115#

B.4:03 115# and 24inch box

Thanks Syd!

I was having a weird learning day.

I started with 115 then dropped to 95 when I realized my shoulder wasn’t where it needed to be. Should have made it 105 but I was able to cycle a few reps with 95 and keep to a challenging pace.

My feet were really bothering me today so I varied my burpee box jumps to see what they could handle. I’m thrilled I managed to move from burpee to an immediate jump on the 24” box for the majority of my reps. It was a major confidence builder since injuring my feet which made the WOD a huge victory over a persistent ‘fear’.

I’m proud of how I adapted to a less than ideal situation on the fly today. I had to stay on one side of the box to avoid colliding with Erica too.

Time: 4:52

I loved this WOD.

A) I wanted to make sure I could add weight with every minute, so I started very light and worked up to 140#.

B) Went with 125#, all power snatch, 5:28 time.

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