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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 23, 2020


Push Press – 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

At Home WOD:

A1.  Headstand to Press – 6-8 reps X 5 sets, rest 90-120s

A2.  Reverse Towel Person Drag – 30-45s X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Hollow Rocks – 10-15 reps X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A4.  Slippery Floor Hamstring Curls – 8-12 per leg (single leg) or 15-20 reps (with pause, double leg) X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

Coach’s notes:

Those with access doing WOD, post loads for all sets to comments. For the At Home WOD post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 4

Opted to do my own thing today.

Core work
5 rounds:
10 candlesticks
10/side dead bugs
30 second plank hold
10 v sit ups

First run/jog/yog/shuffle

Couldn’t talk the boys into joining me. They decided building LEGO was a better workout.

3 rounds
All with 30# KB
10 KB Snatch right arm
10 KB Snatch left arm
10 bicep curls
10 two arm tricep extensions
10 KB dead lift

Today’s burpees

Sure is tough getting getting motivated and missing the Box!!

Did the Home WOD with Joanne and Darren this morning. Joanne set it up on Zoom this time and it worked great!

A1. Headstands but could not press! Joanne was even cheering me on. Did a lot of the pike leg raises in the headstand position (from TT) and also some handstands each round.
A2. Used son’s Bowflex weights on a blanket. 85#. Worked well!
A3. ✅
A4. Didn’t want to leave the Zoom party to do these upstairs on the slippery floor so used the roller from the balance board for my feet. It was meh. Thanks, Darren for giving the “squeeze your glutes” cue 😉

J&D – Promise I’ll pay more attention to the screen tomorrow to cheer you guys on 🙂 it’s a doozy!!

Also did 20 burpees, hoping to catch up on the daily count. Tomorrow is 8 burpees?

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