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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 23, 2009


5 Rounds for time(s):


15 Chest to bar pull-ups

Row 250m

Rest 2:30



Coach’s notes:  Post time for each round and total time to comments.


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Comments: 15

Haha mac you got schooled! This is the funniest pic i have seen in a while

Hahaha, tapped out drilling is right!

22:49 as rx’d with the rest breaks in there… so it would be 12:49 if you take out the four 2:30 rest breaks. chest to bar every rep but missed touching the bar a bunch of reps.

that pic is fantastic… what we dont see is the beating don took the rest of the time!

Did yesterday’s WOD today – sub’d run for the row as those machines are never available…16:45

22:58, ellip 115


2:00/2:10/2:17/2:18/2:21 = 11:06

Did yesterdays:
7 rds – 200 m row, 15 KB swing (35#) , 15 sit-ups

1:50/ 1:58 / 2:14 / 2:04 / 2:02
total time – 20:08

(used green and blue band for pull ups)

3:24, 10 C2b, 5 pu
3;08, 15 pu
2:11, blue band and 1 ripped blister
2:33 blue band
2;27 blue band and 3 ripped blister

About 7 chest to bar (band assisted), 25 chin to bar (band assisted), and the balance were jumping chest to bar.

Judy – 2:49/2:22/2:54/2:57/2:19
green band assisted pull ups

as rx’d, chest touching bar
stayed on bar for all 15 in rnd 1. Had 2 or 3 failures/re-dos in rnd 3…sure is time and energy consuming to fail on CTB’s!!!!

1:35 (rower was turned off)/1:25/2:20/2:17/2:33(with a big nasty skin tear)..first 2 rounds I did 15 C2B straight through…it was amazing how much I dropped off after round 2….also my rowing was quite slow ~ 53secs for 250m on each round…

21:08- rest=11:08….green band asstd

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