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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 22, 2010

1 round for time:

100 Walking Lunges

75 Ball Slams

50 Burpees

25 Knees to Elbows

50 Back Extensions

75 Sit Ups

100 Squats

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.  Guys use 20 lb and gals 14 lb balls for ball slams. 

Comments: 25

The squats at the end just about did my hips in. As required= 17:52

Used the 5kg blue ball for ball slams and K2E were not as prescribed…27:29 Burpees really slayed me.

23:57. Those Burpees are nasty!

21:18 as rx’d – anchored situps (bad idea before doing squats i think!) Thanks Kris!

22:01. That was a great WOD! Thanks Kris

thank you!

and audra- saw your post the other day about there never being a good post-wod pic of me… its coming…

27:43 almost-rx’d
knees were not to elbows
(burpees blow!)

As rx’d 24:58

22:21 Everything rx’d except K2E were more like knees to tricepts.
Thanks Michelle!!

Spelling error – triceps

21:10 as rx’d Thanks Michelle! (k2e’s all singles)

20:41 as rx’d *anchored situps … after sat’s GHD needed the support to help ease the pain*
Thanks Kris!!! great class

oh ya… thanks for the TT Barbell Strength class!!! looking forward to the next one (HINT HINT!!!)

Here is the change in just my strength over the last 10 weeks:
Before TT Class: March 22 (after) TT Class:
Squat: 170 (1 RM) Squat: 3 @ 180 (haven’t done a 1 RM yet)
Front Squat : 150 (1 RM) Front Squat : 180 (1 RM)
Bench Press: 110 (1 RM) Bench: 2@ 125
Shoulder Press: 92.5 Shoulder Press: TBD (haven’t done yet)
Deadlift: 225 (1 RM) Deadlift: 255 (in February at the CFChallenge)
Ring Dips: unweighted Ring Dips: 3 @ 40
Strict Pullups: unweighted Strict Pullups: 5 @ 25, 2 @ 35, 1 @ 40
Back Extensions: 85 lbs (2 RM)

Thanks again and especially a huge thanks to Todd, Chantal, DJ, and all the other coaches for their time and dedication to making this class so successful.
Thanks to everyone who participated too! you made it fun and were so inspiring!
Much Appreciated, KP

26:00 as RX’d

Still not very good at bodyweight exercises.

Thank you Michelle!!

19:20 as rx’d

16:11 as rx’d. Easily would have been close to twenty if Michelle was there to “yell” at me. Thanks! Great efforts 7pm class

Missed the weekend’s WODs so crafted a little bit of both WOD
5 rounds for time:
9 BW Front Squat
12 Ring Pushups
15 K2E
Above As Rx’d – 17:48

18:51 as rx’d, think I could have gone a bit faster in the end but abs and legs are still pretty fried from the GHD/Box Jump extravaganza on Saturday. Thanks Laura.

19:01 as rx’d
Thanks Michelle!

20:15 as rx’d.
Thanks for the push Michelle!

24:28 but I did the situps before the back extensions due to a backup at the GHDs.

I felt really tired during this workout, and just didn’t push hard through any of the movements…

Nice numbers Krista. You are an inspiration for us all. Super strong!!

I like this chipper. Good mix of movements here.

“comfortable with uncomfortable”… what a deep little phrase.


21:44 as rx’d


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