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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 21, 2011

A.  Back Squat – 5 reps x 5 sets @ 30×1, rest 2:00

B.  GHD Raise – 10-12 reps (unbroken) x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds

B2.  Box Jump – 12-15 reps (unbroken) x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets of back squat to comments and reps for B1 and B2. 

Comments: 25

Early morning WOD.
A. 185/205/205/215/225
B1. – Unbroken – 12 (ouch!)
B.2- Unbroken – 13 ( Laura I did not fall off)
Practicing doubleunders with new wire rope…whole new world with this “rope”and I am developing some interesting welts.

Did the WOD from two weeks ago or so at the Y
21,15,9,15,21 of Deadlifts & Med Ball Cleans w/ 135# & 14#, respectively. As rx’d, 16:46. Not a great time, probably took too many rests. Didn’t want to go to too fast at the beginning then run out of gas in the middle when the reps start increasing again.

A. 115/125/132.5/137.5/142.5
B1. 10 (used dowel to push up on first set)/10,2/10 -last sets pushed off from bar at bottom of raise
B2. unbroken 15/15/15
thanks ali!

A) Worked up to 155
B1) 10/10/8 assisted
B2) 15 20″ and 11/11 24″

Thanks Chantal

A. worked up to 152
B1. 12/15/15 back extensions with 10lbs dumb-bell (only on the last set)
B2. 12/12/12 on the small box
Best class ever, thanks Chantal

A.135/155/175/190/200 (Hit a new PR while I was warm…. 245#)
B1. 12/12/12
B2. 15@20″ 15/15@24″
Thanks Evan

A. 62/72/82/92/92
B1. 12/10/10 assisted with hands
B2. 20″ box 12/10/12 – unbroken but abit off balance at times
A. 155/165/175/180/185
B1. 15/12/12
B2. 12/12/12 20″box
Thanks Evan, we always get alot out of your coaching.

A. Worked up to 135
Did assisted ghd raises and purple band pull ups.
Thanks Chantal!

A. 75/85/90/95/100
B. 12/12/12
C. 12/13/15 – (small box)unbroken, a few off balance 🙂
Thanks for partnering with me Katie!
Fun WOD! Thanks Evan, great coaching!

A. 70/80/90/90/90
B1. 12/12/12 strict
B2. on 20″ 15/15/15

A. 75/85/95/105/115
B1. 12/12/12
B2. 15/15/15
Thanks Lori for being my partner, you did awesome!!
Thanks Chantal!

Sundays WOD Posted there
B1: 3 sets GHD (12, 15, 12)

A. 95/ 115/ 135/ 155/ 175
B1. 12/12/12
B2 12/12/12 20″

A: 185/195/215/220/225, last set almost failed at 3 but was able to push through it.
B1: First time ever actually doing GHD raises, had to scale by using my hands a bit though.
B2: Started with the wood box but moved to the largest steel/rubber box. Not bad.
Thanks Colin and Chantal!

A: worked up to 140#, next time increase (out of time)
B1: 12/12/12
B2: 15/15/15 on 20″ box
Thanks Evan

A. 135/155/175/185/190
B1. 15 (20″)/15(20″)/15(24″ – Clearly I was channeling Rebecca today 🙂
B2. 12/12/12

A. 65/75/85/90/95 (PR for me!)
B1. 12/12/12 (with push assist)
B2. 10/15/15 on 12″ box
Thanks Evan, great class! And thanks Joanne!

Strength Training homework
Back Squats: worked up to 5 reps of 245
Bench press: worked up to 3 reps of 205
Thanks Evan.

A: 55/65/75/80/80 – started feeling back in the last set, so stopped there, even though I had a bit more in me. Sure lost a lot of strength over the last few months. 🙁
B1: 12/12/3 & 9 (switched GHD after first 3 reps)
B2: 15/15/15 with 20″ box, but stepping down to protect back

Thanks Evan!

A. 125/145/155/165/175/180
B1. 15/15/15@20″
B2. 12/12/12
Thanks Ali! fun class this am!

TT Homework
Back squats worked up to 145(5)
Brench Press 65/75/85/90(PR)/95(PR)/100(F)
Thanks Evan

Sunday’s wod 8/8/7/7/6/5/5/4/4/3/3 & 120 burpees in 49:57 (last time was 1hr 22 min)@ 170#. obviously better than last time but a long wod for me.

A: 185- 225-275(for 3)-245-245
B1: 12-6-10
B2: 20″_ 15-20-30-20

bwahahaha… I’d like to retract my last post. A was 52 lbs NOT 152 lbs… too funny!

A. worked up to 52
B1. 12/15/15 back extensions with 10lbs dumb-bell (only on the last set)
B2. 12/12/12 on the small box
Best class ever, thanks Chantal

A: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195
B1: 12, 12, 12
B2: 10, 12, 12

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