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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, March 16, 2009

5 rounds for time:


Deadlift – 15 reps

Hang Power Clean – 12 reps

Front Squat – 9 reps

Push Jerk – 6 reps


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135 lbs and gals 95 lbs.  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to October 29, 2008



Comments: 18

Scaled back to 50#…total time was 20:00

Ohhh, I was far from rx’d…55lbs 12:58 – next time I’ll aim for 65.

85lbs, 26:45. a word of encouragement to the later classes… this one actually gets a bit easier after the first/second round as you get in your groove.

The owner of Subway stopped in the other day… they have kindly asked us (coaches, guests) to not park in front of the Subway store. Of course we will oblige. The parking spots against the Subway building that faces HQ are fine. Thanks!

Awesome Wod and even better class today-thanks DJ and to EE for the push.
22:36 at 80 lbs (first round at 85)

Started at 65#’s scaled to 60#’s after round 1 which delayed my time a little. 24:59!
Great Class DJ…that was a big crowd!

It was crowded at my downtown gym and I was still regretting missing the row workout on Saturday, so I went with that instead.

22 rounds + 21 calories

I didn’t realize how far behind I was on round 23 and didn’t pick up the tempo soon enough to finish it. Even if I did I’m pretty sure 24 wouldn’t have been there.

22:33 @ 85 lbs (first rd @ 95 lbs)…awesome effort by the whole crew..thx to DJ for a great class and to Chantal for keeping me focused!

As RX’d 31:16 I’m not sure which is tougher this or the bear!?!?! Great workout though thanks Brett!

Scaled to 105 lbs (max weight in the garage gym) but really who am I kidding, this is all the weight I could handle for this WOD.


wow, first time doing this one….more time or less weight next time! Finished round 3 at around 21 minutes, then had to go get cleaned up for a client I had coming in….I should really consider scaling sometimes…..

5X3 Back Squat up to 210 lbs. (PR)
3 rounds at 100 lbs.
24 yom
163 bwt.

Neil – 85 lbs – 23:54
Judy – still nursing torn muscle in arm/shoulder area
rd 1 32 lbs, rd 2 37 lbs, rd 3 42 lbs, rd 4 & 5 47 lbs – 29:36

scaled to 33lbs – 25:44
Worked more on technique than speed. Was hoping to increase load with each round. Wrists turned out to be the weakest link. Could have handled more weight if it wasn’t for the wrists. They also caused me to have to drop the weight part way through the rounds.

21:27 42lbs

19:47 with 62lbs

As rx’d


34:00 as rx’d

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