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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 8, 2009

5 rounds for time:

20 Wall Balls

20 Med Ball Cleans

40 Med Ball Overhead Walking Lunges

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs gals use 14 lbs for all movements.  Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 25

this does not look fun…quad burner is an understatement…

fell apart- felt sick thru wod… got in 4 rnds in 30 mins with a lot of rest breaks to calm nausea… then had to sit down for a while outside… felt better 45 mins later so did the last round 5:36. scaled to 14lbs. my performance is not a reflection of the wod.

32:18 as rxed. This one is more mental as it looks much worse than it really is…

19:52 as rx’d…great quad burner 🙂

35:?? with 14lb ball. My legs were shaking for the duration of this workout. Oh, but it was fun. My sound effects during these workouts scare me. Also I may have cursed a little. Sorry.

29:54 as rx’d.
Katie, do you really think cursing offends??? I kinda enjoy it.

Scaled to 11lbs (5kg)

Around 35 minutes to complete. Alot harder in the end than I expected! Was good! 100 Wall Balls, 100 Medicine Ball Cleans and 200 Squats! I feel proud.

Lunges sorry!

25:27 – 8 lb WB, 14 lb cleans, 8 lb for lunges – my legs were shaking!
Michelle, you rock – thanks for pushing me through those cleans
Brett, thanks again

Done with 22lb (10kg) medicine ball.
Messed up timer, all I know for sure is last 3 rounds took 16:38.
Total time probably around 25 minutes.

29:59 as rx’d…I had a good pace with the WB & MBC, but last set of lunges were the worst for me, they were very broken up and shaky

37:24 – brutal!
alternated between 12lbs and 8lbs – mostly 8lbs.

35:10! as rx’d stupidily brutal. Ashamed!



24:and small change as rx’d
CFCHQ, long time no see. Nice one to come back to…riiiiiight

Modified: 15#DB thrusters for wallballs, 12# medball


Neil – 36:19 as rx’d
Judy – 10 lbs 54:30 – no need to be ashamed Alvaro because I take that award tonight – brutal!! Good thing I went to the 7 o’clock class or I would have had to turn out the lights and lock up the place.


39:10. Poor start but stronger finish. Next time!

Well Judy, I was close to taking the award as well. This was HELL!
A proud 49:20 … although I may not be walking for days!

29:16 as rx’d. My med ball cleans felt slow, and I wasn’t getting the ball locked out overhead on the lunges. I probably took too long of breaks too, but they didn’t feel that long at the time!

Used 10# med ball for first 4 rounds, then changed to 8# for last round. Right side of hips started hurting in round 1 and got gradually worse. Decided that I wasn’t going to let these stupid injuries get me this time, so I pushed through to the end. VICTORY!!! 🙂 (Let’s hope I don’t have to pay for it for too many days!)



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