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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 30, 2008


Squats on the minute

Coach’s notes:Β  Guys use 65 lbs, gals use 45 lbs.Β  Post number of minutes complete to comments.

Compare to Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comments: 15

Yesterday was a hot and perfect day for the First Session of our Second Round of our CrossFit Kids Classes! A big welcome to Zack and Nicola and continued drive and hard work from our ‘experienced CrossFit Kids Kelly and Haley.’

Warm up: Relay Race
Focus: Squats/Push ups/Sit Ups,
Kids WOD: 200 m run/Max squats 1 min/Max Push ups 1 min/Max Sit ups 1 min

Kelly: 17 sec/28 squats/25 pu/22 sit up
Haley: 19 sec/28 squats/24 pu/22 sit up
Nicola: 14 sec/31 squats/40 pu.27 sit up
Zack: 14.5 sec/29 squats/27 pu/20 sit up
Special Guest Appearance by Hannah F: 3 squats, 50 m dash and 45 sec pull up bar hang!!

Excellent form and performance in the heat by all.
Game: Rat RACE!
Still accepting Registrations and ‘Reserved’ Drops Ins for this session. Please see the CFC Kids tab above or contact optadmin@optimumtraining.ca
Your CrossFit Calgary Kids Team

Derek was the only trooper to show up this morning and he let me join in.

30 + 28 as rx’d, squats to dynamax ball

Is this overhead squats?

Assumed it was OHs.
65 lbs.
9 minutes + 4

At Crossfit Challenge could barely get through first 10 before my legs gave out. Challenge was 10+20+30=60. Getting 49 today is a big improvement over 10 (but still not 60).

Jeff, good for you but it was back squat.
Man those CF Kids are fast, less than 15 seconds for 200m is faster than the world record!!

Whoa! AFT – good work!!!
You’re going to have to rename the workout πŸ™‚ That or the rest of us definitely have a new goal.

Rebecca: 18 + 16 as rx’d
Blaine: 19+13 as rx’d
All squats to the old school brown tan med ball – complete w/ dirty looks for ‘hogging’ the bar for over 1/2 an hour ;).

Tried back squats this time. 65 lbs.

15 + 8

As Rx’d
22 even

Thanks Trevor-yes, my CF Kids are very fast-(maybe we can get you out for a little competition one of these Sundays and see how fast they really are?), however, I take responsibility for the distance/measurements and maybe the track was a little shorter than 200m…

Neil as rx’d 18 + 16
Judy 37 lbs 13 + 9

23 Rnds even as Rx’d

Out of town camping. Made up WOD:

Run 800m (approx.)
50 thrusters w/ log
Run 800m
50 push-ups
Run 800 m
50 sit-ups

17 even.
Stopped early due to lower back soreness.

Out of town camping. Made up WOD:
High Altitude and hot

Run 800m (approx.)
50 push-ups
Run 800m
50 thrusters w/ log
Run 800 m
50 sit-ups

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