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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 29, 2009

1 round for time:

Row 400 m

50 Knees to Elbows

Run 400 m

50 KB Swings

Row 400 m


Run 400 m

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 2 pood and gals 1.5 pood for KB swings and 95 lbs and 65 lbs respectively for the SDLHP.  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 16

Knees to Elbows need lots of work…grip wasn’t strong…otherwise as rx’d – time = 26:50

22:29, Really heavy!

As Rx except for KB @ 1.5 pood. Knees to Elbows killed me!

Time: 29:20

Another great games photo. Kris looks like he’s got the color commentating down.

The ones that look the easiest always leave me gasping for air…almost quite when I got to the sumo’s. As rxd=17:13

K2E – Knees didn’t quite touch elbows. Even worse closer to the end.
KB – 1 pood
SDLHP – 60lbs

21:00 even….not every knee to elbow but so close…all other weight as rx’d.

Thx to Michelle and Taylor for the coaching and keeping me going!

Neil 1.5 pood KB – 26:54
Judy 1 pood KB & 25-42 lb SDLHP & 25-28 lb SDLHP – 22:22

20:33 as rx’d

ha! i beat you erin!!…
the sub 20 went out the window when i had to stop to not die on the last run…

in anycase, really liked this work out!

16:13. SDLHP is now on my list with burpees and running as least favorite things ever. Double unders is off my hit list for a bit. as Rxd

18:54 as rx’d.

Both the K2E and SDLHP felt slow. Once I start to fatigue on K2E I lose my kip, and the SDLHP were broken too much with too long of breaks in between. KB swings felt really strong though.

.7 pood KB, 42# SDLHP
Really not happy with how today went. K2E’s took a really long time; I just couldn’t hold on to the bar long enough to get more than just a few reps in. I started off using the 1 pood KB for the swings, but couldn’t get it all the way up without low back discomfort. Changed to .7 pood, which in turn felt too light. As for the SDLHPs, I was really hoping to use more weight, but was glad that I didn’t so that I could get the workout over with. Just not happy with my performance today; hopefully Wednesday will go better for me!

I always remember my score, wonder how could one forget??? But I guess this one kicked my butt in a big way because I’m just not sure.
23:49 (I think)1.25 pood KB and K2E were ugly

CF total with Nick.
Terrible warm up, too late at night, bad eating. Disaster. : )
Francis: S195, P105, DL260 = 560 (55# below combined PRs)
Nick: S240, P145, DL300 = 685

25:52 with 1.5 pood & 85#. Tasty!

I’d like to try this again when my hands are all healed up.

1 of 9 noble virtues , Perseverance- Life is a hard path at times , but push yourself on till you puke !

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