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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 28, 2010

A.  Row 500 m

B.  AMRAP in 6 minutes:

Bench Press

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135 lbs, gals 85 lbs.  Post time for 500 m row and reps for bench press to comments.

Comments: 21

Is it just me or do TLaw’s feet look giant compared to that chalk bucket?

22 reps scaled to 65#…Thanks, Laura

Did yesterdays wod …
A. 115×3,125×3,135×3,145×3,155×2,165×2,175×2*tempo made these tougher!
B. 10,10,10,8
C. 15,15,15,15 (but last 2 reps more like back ext.!! Hamstrings done)
Thanks laura! Still want to do today’s!!!

Digital Screen on Rower was broken so I just rowed my ass off for 2:45 seconds.
Bench as prescribed – 21 reps.

A. 2:00
B. 34 reps
– prior to WOD did 50min Run

A: 1:38
B: 22 reps as rx’d
Thanks for the spotting Allison!

It feels SO great to be back! Finally!

Row: 148.9
And yes, Chantal, I was actually taking it easy. Just trying to row a good technical row. I’m becoming a real believer in long, hard strokes.

Bench Press scaled to 45 lbs – 63 reps
Felt fabulous to be lifting again!

Thanks for a great class, Chantal!

As rx’d
1.27.5 Row- Felt good, died last 5 pulss
49 reps-135lb bench

46 rep’s w/ 105 lbs

Welcome Back Lynette!!!!

45 reps @ 135lbs

1:24.9 at damper 4.

My butt came off the rower after the first 150-200m, and my pace dropped about 7 seconds and never recovered. I may try rowing at damper 5 again next time.

30 reps at 135#,

Glad to see you back Lynette!!
A. 1:52:9
B. 49 reps at 65lbs
Thanks Chantal for spotting me and pushing me!! A great class!

awesome row times in there!

Row: 1:56
Bench: 135# x 22
Thanks Laura!

Great to see you again Lynette..welcome back!
Neil – 1:39.9 damper 5.5
44 reps @ 115lbs
Judy – 2:00.8 damper 7
29 reps @ 34lbs
Great class Brett!

1:44.0 damper 5.5
54 reps @ 95lbs

A: 1:55.5 at damper 6 (note to self: read comments in log book)
B: 68 reps @ 55# (should have used more weight)
Thanks Lynne for spotting during the bench press! And thanks Brett for your great coaching!

1:35.3 damper @ 6

46 reps @ 135 lbs

lying on the couch after trying not to move… priceless.

1.31.1 Damper on 5

54 Reps @ 135 #

A) Forgot row time but I think ~1:58
B) 37 reps @ 75 lbs

Thanks for the spotting Colin

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