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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 22, 2020


5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats – 95#/65#

Compare to May 11, 2019

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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13:31 Rx’d
OHS felt great, Colin had a great warm up to get us moving right. Runs were tough, core stability after yesterday was iffy at best.
Thanks Colin!

15:55 @ 65#
This is a PR at this weight.
Haven’t done this one since July 2013.
Not my favorite movements, so a good one for me to come and do.
Great warmup OG. OHS felt awful in warmup, but pretty good in the WOD.

15:21 @ 65#
OHS felt great, runs not so much today.
Thanks O.G., great job 9:30am class.

20:48 @ 70#
Goal: Find out where I’m at. Make sure my effort is solid.

Result: I would not survive if a tiger was hunting me. I’d be fresh meat and all of you would pity my poor soul as I screamed for help while giving God the finger. The upside is turtles are vegetarians so I would survive a turtle attack should the situation arise.

So… my run is officially worse than when I started CrossFit. My overhead squats on the other hand were way better than I thought they would be. My shoulders felt stable. Kept my heals on the ground. I could have added 10# but I’m glad I took it easy for the first time doing OHSs in a long time.

Congrats on your PR Derek!

35 lb barbell
Nice way to ease back into the week!
Wicked class OG!

19:19 rxd
First set of OHS UB then 8/7 and 3×10/5

Not my slowest time but far off my best. Would like to test this again in a few months.

Glad you were there tonight Sarah. Wouldn’t have done it rxd otherwise.

Thanks Derek. Wicked warmup

18:00 @ 75lbs.
A disappointing workout tonight, feeling pretty low. My hamstring quit after the third round making the runs that much worse. My cardio gave out after the fourth round and pushed me right up to the edge of a panic attack. Then my brain decided to remind me that I’ve done this prescribed in 16:33…you know….just sayin’….ugh. Blah!

Thanks Derek! Good job 5:15!

13:29 @ 75#. Some fun fitness racing tonight. Thanks everyone!

19:26 rx
Hot and sweaty 🥵
Thanks Derek. Nice work 6:30!

18:30, 55 lb for OH squats. Probably could have gone RX because I did them unbroken most sets. Didn’t expect them to feel as good as they did.

The sun was brutal! Thanks, Derek!

13:24 scaled to 75# bar. I warmed up with 95# and convinced myself to drop weight 🤷🏼‍♂️. This was a fun one… I hate running and love that Crossfit makes me do it!

It WAS a good warmup with OG this morning! Just as Ryan said. 16:03 for me @ 35# Loving the great turnout.

good sweaty event.
55# 19: 21
thanks Derek, for looking after us!
great work by a whole bunch of folks at the 630 pm class

14:31 RX’d.

Great job everyone. You’re a beast Andy…

Thanks Derek!


20:00 I think. It was pretty Blurry. I remember this being easier last time.

Thanks Derek.

– used 45# bar, this was tough.. although the OH squats felt better than expected 🤔💪🏻 Had to fight to get the last few reps in.. time was about 21:29.. not too sure as, I was collapsed in a pool of sweat!

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