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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 22, 2009


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

10 Push Press

10 Pull-Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 65 lbs for the push press.  Post number of rounds to comments.

Comments: 28

Good work Francis.
Today’s WOD looks so simple, yet so nasty.

Did yesterday’s WOD today…time was 32:05 or so (had a stopwatch malfunction).

8 rounds plus 7 PP

Started with blue band for PUs, switched to green band middle of 4th round
55lbs for PP

Awesome muscle up Francis!

Cool wod-as rx’ed 11 rounds. Nice work to the 930 am ‘Ladies who Lift’ and Thanks to Brett!

20 minutes 8 Rounds
Jumping Pullups
65lb PP

As RX – 11 rounds

? rounds
6?, 7?, 8? yes it is that hard to count.
+10PP and 3 PU’s

14 rds and push press of round 15. Hands torn pretty early but it was worth it because I finally strung together a bunch of rounds of butterfly pulls. Push press was harder I think due to those pull ups wearing me out a bit more than usual.

25#DB for push press, blue band pull-ups.
Think 11 rounds + another set of push-press.

Neil as rx’d – 8 rds of push presses plus 5 kipping pullups
Judy – 50 lbs – 8 rds of push presses plus 3 blue band assisted pullups

10 rds + 7 push press- push presses as rx’d and pull ups 3 unassisted for each round followed by 7 blue band assisted. One day it will be all unassisted..I think that would be next time for you Krista! Well done.

As Rx’d

16 rounds + 5 PUs

all PP were done straight through…PUs were limiting factor for me…took lots of rest between transitions….longer rest allowed me to do more sets of 10…still my arms felt like jello…

Need to work on going a little slower on high rep lifting to ensure full leg extension on every rep…

As rx’d 9 rounds even

8 rounds, 85# & blue band for pullups after the arms wore out.

12 rounds + 5 PP as Rx’d.
All of a sudden without even trying, I was doing butterfly kips!!

2nd WOD 9pm
As rx’d
18 rds PP
17 rds + 5 PU
1st WOD 2pm
Squats 205
GHD situps

13 + 2 pp as rx’d

im pretty sure cause my pull ups were so terrible that it allow’d me to be fully recovered to do the pushpress all unbroken

10 rounds + 10 PP + 5 PU as rx’d.

Push press was definitely the limiting factor for me. I’m not pushing my butt back in my dip, which is basically eliminating all the hip drive and forcing me to overextend my back. I’m going to have to work on this movement at lighter loads.

8 rnds plus 8 push press, blue band for PUs and 65lbs for press.
Shoulder got really weak after a few rounds 🙁 yuck!

11 rds + 10 PP + 3 PU as rx’d
pulls ups painfully slow. Was doing chest to bar for first 4 rounds till I was told that I was. Didn’t seem to make a difference! Still slow. Need to figure out the butterfly

7 rds + 10 PP & 1 PU as rx’d…push press were all straight through, however my hands ripped in rd 2 so no consistency with PU…first rx’d PU workout for me tonite!

Thx to Evan and Derek for all the encouragement!

8 rounds + 7 Push press
scaled PP to 55#, blue band assisted pull-ups
Push press felt really heavy for me, but I am happy that I was able to keep the weight until the end (in February 52.5# was my one rep max). Pull-ups were all unbroken; they felt easy today. I’m through the roof about that!

8 rds even as rx’d. Push press was tough for me but glad I did 65 lbs and managed to struggle through it 🙂 Nice work everyone. Erin, we’ll combine this workout next time for sure! The way you powered through those push presses.

20 rounds + 10 PP
The classic push/pull combinations are always very challenging, great work tonight guys and gals.

85#, should have just done 95.
12 + 10PP

Thanks for the props on the Muscle up

10 Rds as rx’d.
Hands completely tare on round #8.

16 rounds + 10 PP + 5PUs…forgot to add the 10 PP in previous post

13 rounds + 5 PP as Rx’d

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