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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 14, 2010

Run 1200 m

5 rounds for time:

7 Hang snatch

35 Jumping Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  There is no rest between run and couplet.  Use 125 lbs and 75 lbs repectively for guys and gals.  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 14

22:28 Run felt good…hang snatch not so good. Scaled to 36# working on improving my technique. Thanks so much, Laura.

20:18 (may have been 21:18*can’t remember now) run felt good for me too! jumping PU’s easy – straight through – Hang snatch scaled to 62 lbs *this wasn’t about weight for me* realllllly need to work on “snatch” weight wasn’t bad but my form UGLY!!!! knees to close together – didn’t nearly (6) one whole extra round b/c I kept falling forward onto knees???
obviously need more practice! This is a great wod though!!!
Thanks Laura!!! super class – appreciate the help

24:18 scaled to 105#.

I failed the first 4 snatches after the run, but after that they felt pretty good. The jumping pullings were harder than expected, as expected.

0As rx’d 29:22 long and grueling! But a gooder 🙂

19:49 scaled snatch to 65lbs – rounds 3, 4, and 5 felt waaaayy better than the first 2 rounds…..run felt good (under 5 mins)

…thanks Brett (you shoulda yelled at me to haul ass a bit quicker!!)
Team CFC- very yummy shake and bars….thank you!

Scaled to 70 lbs and still fell on my butt twice in rnd 2 and on my knees once in rnd 3


JPU’s were sort of 7+5+3+3….

Scaled snatch to 33lbs. This is still a very challenging movement for me, although the last couple rounds started to feel better!
The shakes and bars were a great way to end the WOD. Thanks Team CFC!

Scaled snatch to 42#. Really wanted have good lifts today, so stayed with this weight; I’m happy with how they went.
Nice work everyone at 8PM. It was nice to have a big class for a change! The energy felt much different. Keep coming folks! 🙂

16:08- scaled to 52lbs – I need lots of time to warm up and get confident with this lift. Next time I will definately go heavier. Thanks again Team CFC for fueling me up with the berry shake (very tasty) and the bars! Thanks Brett!

Great energy in the gym tonight! Thanks to all those that supported our CFC team going to World’s. I beleive they are back next Tuesday with more fuel. Those bars are awesome!

Just wanted to say good job everyone in the 6pm class and thanks to Team CFC for the yummy bars. I am finally going to listen to the logical part of my brain (the one that sounds a lot like my Mom!!!) and take a few days off of training. I can tell my body needs it, see everyone next week.

Great work tonight by everyone on a tough looking WOD!!

We are glad that everyone enjoyed the shakes & bars. Thanks again for your support!

Did 10 Bench Press @ 75lbs each round instead of the Hang Snatch.
Around 16:40 (not 100% sure as I started approx. 1min ahead of the class).
Great class Brett!
Thanks Team CFC! Loved the shake and bars.

26 and high change as rx’d. Run took just over five. Snatches got easier as I went along, I think I actually started doing them properly which made a difference. JPUs were broken, had bar at mid fingers for a bit of a different test that definitely made it more difficult. Great wod!!

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