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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, July 6, 2020

Every 2:00 for 10 rounds complete:

6 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups
66 Double Unders

Coach’s notes:

Post results to comments.

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C2B rx’d. Didn’t think that I’d be able to get all of these. Started with sets of three, then down to doubles, then singles for the final two or three rounds. Every time I dropped I alternated between pronated and supinated grip.
DU – rx’d for The first three rounds and then downhill after that. Was able to get a big set at the start of each round, but once I tripped up I had trouble getting another big set. The worst round was round five where I only did 18. Every other round was at least 40.
Thanks T!

Pullups I made 3 rounds of C2B, the rest were just chin over bar (too much mini kipping not enough virtuosity…) DU’s did them all, first 5ish rounds unbroken, kind of fell apart after that with multiple trips.
Thanks Colin!

After two years I still can’t do a single C2B pull-up. Definitely not approaching this correctly. So I went for range-of-motion with a squeeze at the top. I couldn’t find my sweet spot for pull-ups. Rings forever. I obviously need coaching on this to make any progress. Total fail? Who knows.

I have very inconsistent DUs so I did 85 singles with a few DU attempts. I need to do more homework. This is where I thought I made it too easy for the sake of moving continuously.

Any exercise is better than no exercise. I screwed this one up big time. It was too easy. Hopefully, I’ll get to read these notes again and feel like I’ve progressed somehow. Not quitting. Learning always starts with failure. Maybe I’ll get a win one day.

Liked your approach Derek P.

First 4 rounds Rxd, then started to fall apart. Couldn’t keep the pace. DU rounds were: 66/66/66/66/32/50/40/40/40/66. All pull-ups were Rxd but started breaking them up pretty early too, by 3-4th round, down to some bigger sets with singles and doubles thrown in. Did way more with a supinated grip towards the end, couldn’t get my chest quite there with pronated grip. Definitely a couple no-reps where chest wasn’t quite making contact with the pronated grip in the last couple rounds. Was however really happy with the DUs today, very few trips so that was neat. Stayed pretty close to a 1:1 work to rest ratio, even as the DU numbers fluctuated.

Thanks Tania! Some phenomenal coaching today! Nice work to all this morning!

C2B: medium and skinny bands. Switched to supinated after 2.5 rounds.
DUs rx’d
Rounds were about 1:20-1:30.

Thanks OG!
I’ve missed you barbecues!

This was a ‘play it smart and mail away the ego’ WOD for me.

C2B – 2 1/2 rounds Rx, chin-over-bar for all remaining. Thought I’d be able to do them all, but no. Just like Ryan S, I noticed a small mid-pull kip in the start of the third round and switched movements to maintain the ‘strict’
DU/SU – Managed 1 1/2 rounds Rx before I was forcefully reminded that I can’t skip to save my life. You’d think that by now I could do DUs without gassing out almost immediately, but no. Remaining rounds were 100 singles, just so I could finish.

Can’t say that I’m happy about not being able to do this Rx, but it certainly made for a more enjoyable evening.

Thanks OG! For the excellent coaching and for the use of your rope!!

Well I was really wishing I’d worked on my DUs during quarantine! They were mostly non-existent during the WOD. As usual, my best sets were during warmup! 🙄🙄. A few rounds were just singles.

C2B were 3 high(ish) pull-ups and 3 banded collarbone2bar for first 4 rounds. Then unassisted pull-ups were gone! Used a red and blue band, got as high as I could. Mix of pronates and supinated.

Love Barry & the BBQ! Thanks Colin

6 solid strict pullups for 3 runs,
then a lot of effort to get 4’s and 5’s for the next 7 rounds
70 singles/round, with an extra 70 at the end.
Good to be in the box, thanks OG for helping us stay with it.

Oh Yeah, and thanks for the BBQ OG – like I said you make the best Ribs!!!

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