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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, July 4, 2022

LUMBERJACK 20 - For time:

20 deadlifts (185/275 lb)
400-m run
20 KB swings (24/32 kg)
400-m run
20 overhead squats (75/115 lb)
400-m run
20 burpees
400-m run
20 chest-to-bar pull-ups
400-m run
20 box jumps (20/24 in)
400-m run
20 DB squat cleans (30/45 lb)
400-m run

Coach’s notes:

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Comments: 7

Greetings From Edmonton!

Workout at a newer CrossFit gym in Edmonton CrossFit AU. If you are in Edmonton and have a chance to get a lift in you should check it out! It is very well organized. Brett and Rhi would be proud.

Anyways… Lumberjack… that was a workout.

25:01 Rx.

Mostly Unbroken, except those stupid DB Squat Cleans. As soon as my form went, so did they!

Thanks Dan @ CrossFit AU

24:48 Rx’d.
Thanks Josh!

36:42 (I think)
95# OHS
35# DB done as muscle clean and front squat. Zero coordination at that point in the workout.
Scaled up the last “run” to include a dry heave episode at the 100m mark.

That was a gooder! So many high fives and all the encouragement tonight.

32:20 ish.
After the open, I decided to focus on upping my strength. I did the following:
165 # deadlift
1.5pood for kb swings.
55# ohs
Rebound box jumps to make up time for my lack of speed on deadlifts.
10 chest to bar 10 Kipping pull ups-
30 for the squat cleans- the most brutal part for me.

Great energy tonight! Thanks Kim.

This workout was hard and I seem to struggle at 6pm. Grateful for the cool mist on the runs.
24:09. Awesome group tonight, I think Kim said 27? Great management Kimmer!!!!!

Rx deadlift, c2b, box jumps
95 OHS, 1.5 Pd, 35# db cleans

Great chaos management Kimmer!

This was a Great Workout to uncover all the “things’ – that may or may not be going well.
Grateful for the Good Coaching from Kimmer.
155#DL / 1 Pd KB / 55# OHS / Burpees were a slog / 20 kipping PU / 20in Box J / 20# sqt clns – running sucked most of the air out of the room – but a very good way to return to the gym after a week (or so) away.

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