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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 6, 2020

6 rounds for load(s) and time(s) of:

5 Clean and Jerk
10 Bar Muscle-ups
20 V-ups
REST 3:00

Coach’s notes:

Post load and time per round plus total working time to comments.

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Comments: 11

34:42 rx’d.
2:30 @ 135
2:58 @ 145
3:19 @ 145
3:03 @ 145
3:45 @ 145
4:07 @ 145
Plan was to increase the load at lest one more time but then realized after round 2 that this was not a good idea if I was going to try and finish.
A big welcome to Adam who kicked ass in his first class!
Thanks Todd!

Time 32:57
Jumping muscle ups off box
V sit ups all with bent knees.
C&J 95#/115#/125#/135#/145#/155#

Thanks Todd
Nice work 9am!!

Sticking to my resolution to post all my workouts…did not move well today. Attempted many jumping MUs but fear of heights won. Using blue bar wasn’t much better other than I can jump up and get on top of the bar but not with proper form. Next time…

Called it at 5 rounds for my back and hands. Back actually felt good today though! All movements Rxd. V-ups were tough!
1. 2:46 @ 95#
2. 9:25 @ 115
3. 16:28 @ 125
4. 24:12 @ 135
5. 32:24 @ 135
Thanks Todd!

I liked this. Really hard bursts. Finished 33:30
140lbs Cleans
Practicing timing for muscle ups
My shoulder mechanics are getting way better.
V-ups 20 every time but scaled
Getting my cleans back. I would be more aggressive with cleans in the future.

Tammy, great job today, you have been killing it lately, just saying.
Penny, love the New Years resolution.
Decided right off the hop that I would be scaling and did so as follows:
1. 2:00 – 135#/8/15, kinda used this first set as a warm-up/tester.
2. 2:35 – 185#/10/15
3. 3:05 – 185#/10/15
4. 4:30 – 185#/8/15
5. 4:30 – 185#/10/15
6. 4:00 – 185#/10/15
20:40 working time.
Choose to scale V-ups to 15 for all sets as this is a tough movement for me, especially when it follows the demands of bar muscle-ups. Also scaled a few rounds of BMU’s to 8, simply to keep my time domains appropriate.
Fun WOD, nice to see everyone getting back at it!!!!!!

Finished right at the 40 min buzzer
Did 5 BMU’s for all rounds, a huge win for me with this shoulder crap.
1. 3:10, 95#
2. 3:22, 115#
3. 4:08, 125#
4. 4:29, 135#
5. 5:08, 145#
6. 4:45, 155#
Thanks for the push at the end Todd and Chita

38:50 almost rx. Blistered the hand on the 50th muscle up and had to do ring rows/dips for the last round.
All clean & jerk at bw (145#)

Thanks Josh!
Great job 6pm!!

Best laid plans…….

All Muscle ups were jumping. Decided to lower the box a couple of inches in round 3 to make them a bit more challenging.

3:34 @ 85#
4:00 @ 95#
4:36 @ 100# 5 successful BMU out of 8 attempts
5:35 @ 105# 6 BMU out of 8 attempts.
Then the wheels came off….
7:05 4 CJ @ 110# and 2 fails. 4 successful BMU.

Would have had 30 seconds left at the cap after the rest so tapped out.

Took me 3 minutes to do the last CJ so clearly I did not choose the right weight and stalked out on the MUs.
7 years and still learning……

Thanks Josh

R1: 135#, 5:30
R2: 145#, 11:04
R3: 155#, 16:26
R4: 165#, 23:16
R5: 175#, 30:30
R6: 185#, 33:34

I was RX until the sixth round. My hands start to feel hot and I looked down and I saw the starts of a rip. I’m jazzed that I did 56 bar muscle ups today and I’m happy that I had the mental faculties to stop when I did but I’m pissed that I only had four more bar muscle ups to do. But ripping a hand is like rolling in ankle, it’s an injury he can’t hold a A barbell or a pull up bar when your hand is ripped. So my last round I did six bar muscle ups, six strict pull-ups, and six dips on the bar. All my other rounds I would do sets of 4/3/3 or sets of 3/3/2/2.

Thanks Todd. Outstanding work 10 AM!

R1: 65#
R2: 75#
R3: 85#
R4: 85#
R5: 95#
R6: 105#
Total time 34 mins.

Great WOD, super fun. I would like to do this again in a few weeks after I shake the Christmas 10 off. First work out in 15 days.

Used a box for the muscle ups till round 5 when I had to move to chest to bar.
Next time I will start the weight at 105# for the clean and jerks.

Thanks Josh,

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