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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 4, 2010


Part 1:
Event 7 from the 2009 CrossFit Games:
As many rounds in 8 minutes:
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 KB Swings
12 GHD Sit-ups

 Rest 4 minutes

 Part 2:
16 Tabata Intervals of Double Unders


Coach’s notes: Guys use 2 pd for KB swings, gals use 1.5 pd.  Post rounds + reps complete for Part 1 total reps from Tabata.

CF Games 2010 – CFC Affiliate Team info is now posted.  Click here to view.

CFC 2 Saturday, February 27, 2010.  Stay tuned for more details.


Comments: 19

Did modifications to the HSPU’s, used 1.25 pd, did a mix of reg sit-ups & GHD – 6 rds + 10 sit-ups. Total reps for DU’s – 181

Part1) 4 rounds + 4 HSPU + 3 KBS
HSPU’s to abmat, 1.5 pd for KBS
Part 2) 30,15,12,7,11,.. have them written down in my gym bag.. (will post later) I think my total was 246 will double check once I post my #’s – wow those DU’s were tough! my arms are still sore!
Brett, Stacey, Kris .. Thanks!! great class! nice work everyone – it was fun this morning, nice turnout!

Part 1, got 5 rounds + 4HSPU’s + 4 KB Swings
For HSPU’s, did them on 2″ of plates for increased depth and to try to simulate the games WOD better. Used a 70lb DB for KB Swings, did them with full ROM (directly overhead). Ripped on the KB swings strangely.
Part 2 didn’t keep track of intervals very well, eventually just doing sets of 6 and 7 towards the end of the 8 minutes, with about 25 DU’s per minute.

Part 1: 3 rds+4HSPU+8KBS(used 1.5pd)+GHD sit ups – now, I can’t remember what number I reached before the buzzer but, it was under 10.
Part 2: Good heavens..my arms were pretty sore and looking back at it I think I was also just lazy (still feel like I’m wearing a weighted fat suit) ..I think my highest rep was 18 and the rest were very low.
It was a treat to be at the 9:30 class this morning. Thanks Brett and Stacey for the great coaching!

sub’d 8 neg. push ups, KB swings @ 1.25pood, GHD for 2 rounds, reg. sit ups for other 2 rounds because of availability. Short 6 sit ups of 4 rounds.

Tabata DUs – 19/10/7/9/7/3/6/6/6/8/7/5/7/5/6/10. Total = 121

HSPU Green/Blue Band
KB 1.5

6 GHD short of 5 rounds.

Tabata. DU. 52 total Ouch!.

Part 1: 4 rounds + 4 HSPUs + 8 KBS + 1 GHD (subbed blue-purple/green HSPU)

These movements felt pretty good, and I should have had 5 rounds had I hustled a bit between movements.

Part 2: 426 (37/34/33/26/31/31/22/30/21/27/23/21/22/23/18/27)

As always, the limiting factor was forearm fatigue. Pretty much any time I failed a set I would just take the extra 4-6 seconds as rest. I feel the rest would help more than spending the energy for an extra couple of reps.

Part 1. 3 rds + HSPU. Used blue/blue for HSPU assist and the 2 pd KB. The 2 pd KB really took it’s toll.
Part 2. somewhere around 275 (maybe 50 successful DU – in sets of 1, about 150 failed attempts, and probably 75 muttered profanities as I whipped myself with the obviously defective skipping rope).

used blue and purple band for HSPU

Part 1: HSPU’s to abmat, rest as rx’d 6 rounds.
Part 2: 310 total. Nice job Cory, you killed this. Thanks Chantel for a fun class and all of the encouragement. Congrats again on the PR for Snatch, that is awesome.

Used blue and purple bands for HSPU.
Used 1.25 pood for KBS.
GHDs as rx’d.
Part 1: 5 rnds + I may have squeaked in 2 HSPUs.
Part 2: (29/15/14/14/16/17/12/16/14/18/17/17/11/13/13/21)
Total DUs=257
Thanks Chantal for the push and thanks Chelsea for the help with HSPUs in the warm up. It really helped.

As Rx’d (except 1.5p KB / unanchored abmat situps)
6 rounds + 4 HSPU + 8 KBs + 8
Tabata DUs
370 total – averaged 23/interval – goal was 25
I’m reminded that Santa didn’t bring me a 2p KB – must look into it

4 rounds even, but not rx’d

band assisted HSPUs, these are something I must include in my warm-ups (to entertain my fellow classmates)
No GHD for me, knee might break until I get thinner. Un-anchored sit-ups
2 pood is big, but manageable for 8 reps

150 DU’s, stayed away from these for a while to avoid the pounding. Should have gotten more, but there was some laziness.

Band assist HSPU’s
4 rnds plus 4 HSPU
Dbl unders 267

4 rounds even; assisted HSPUs, 1.25 pood KB, GHD sit-ups as rx’d
First time for HSPUs and was freaking out before class!!!
First round: green and blue band (hardly had enough weight to keep hands on floor)
Second round: blue and blue band (way too easy)
Third and fourth round: blue and 2 purple bands (still too easy)
HSPUs were physically too easy, but a major mental challenge. Thanks again Brett for all of your help and for keeping me safe! 🙂
DUs: 343 (37/23/21/21/21/19/19/22/21/21/20/20/19/15/24/20)

4 rounds + HSPU + 2 KB swings as rx’d
i think 176 DUs

Correction-blue and green bands.

4 rds
Band assist HSPU’s (some, not all)
Tabata 234

7pm class
Part 1: 4 rounds. HSPU modififed with 2 blue bands, 1.5 pd for KBS
Part 2: Tabata DU’s – 29/23/27/21/20/14/20/24/18/19/18/20/21/22/15/22 = 333
*DU’s felt good. I surprised myself with these numbers. 🙂
Thanks again Brett!

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