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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 28, 2008

5 rounds for total reps: 

Row (cal) 1 minute

Push-ups 1 minute

Snatch 1 minute

Rest 1 minute


Coach’s Notes:  For this one set a 1 minute timer as there are no breaks between sets.  In other words, row for 1 minute, but as soon as the 1 minute ends the next minute has started, so get out of the rower ASAP and on the floor for your push-ups, then to your bar for the snatch.  Guys try 65 lbs for the snatch and gals 40lbs.  Keep track of your repetitions for each round and total for the 5 rounds.  Most of the classes this week at Crossfit Calgary will be trying this one so let’s get everyone posting to see how we compare. 

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Comments: 5

Did Sun. – 238
1st 15 push-ups full, then “girl” push-ups. Snatch – 40 lbs. A good, hard workout.


235 as Rx’d

286 as Rx’d

Wood for and light bar for snatch weight


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