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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 26, 2009

1 round for time:

5 Deadlift

50 Jumping Pull Up

10 Deadlift

40 Jumping Pull Up

15 Deadlift

30 Jumping Pull Up

20 Deadlift

20 Jumping Pull Up

25 Deadlift

10 Jumping Pull Up

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 225 lbs and gals use 155 lbs for deadlift.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Comments: 16

8:10 with 132 lb DL (approx 60% of my very ugly 1 rep max PR). Some of my early jumping pullups might have been a little short… trevor added a plate to my platform about halfway thru as i had set myself up a little too low.

steve is it funny to watch you walk today? can you walk???? 59 sets is crazy. you too grant.

16:00…had to scale back to 95# for the Deadlifts

Scaled to 95# Deadlift – 11:26


Front squat 190×5, 190×4+1(f), 190×4
Max reps in 1 set pull-ups – 35
Barbell row 115×9×3
Push press 137×5×3
Starting to loose mid-line stability on 3rd rep of 190lb FS. Going to failure on these made the subsequent push-press difficult. This workout left me shaking.

Hey Pierre, can you send me an email, I have a few questions for you.



yeah I can walk today…but I am tight…tomorrow is the day I am not looking forward to…

Modified WOD

Subbed 185# after first set.
Subbed 135# to last set.

Feels good but out of shape here!

as rx’d – 22:04

12:00 (As Rx’d 155lbs DL)

Jeff – 11:04 (As Rx’d 225lbs DL)

Bench press 15(135) 10(205) 7(215) 5(225)x3 21(135)

WOD as rx’d 13:50 – grip was a problem, struggled a little with grip on last deadlift. need to work on pull up strength

Neil 175 lbs 17:15
Judy 110 lbs 17:22
Yvette, always great to see you!

First time to do Deadlift. Scaled to 62lbs (loooooong way to go to rx’d weights). Time 15:43.

110lbs 15:35

Judy, I think you had 119lbs?


that last set of deadlifts just about killed me… nice job Jeff & Shelly… Nice job – Jelly? eh? ya, that one’ll stick…

as rx’d


10:55 as rx’d

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