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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 21, 2008


For time:

        150 knees to elbows

Coach’s notes:  True knees to elbows are done hanging from the bar with the knees physically touching the elbows on every rep (go figure).  If you cannot do this bring the knees as high as you can.  In other words, touch the back of the arm, or the chest, or if you are unable to hit these markers make sure that the knees come higher than the hips.  Post time to complete and any substitutions to comments. 

Comments: 2

Total time: 11:18 Wrist (ie. grip) gave out…fractioned it into 15 reps/10 sets. Knees were at the waist but not quite up to the elbows!!


Started out with sets of 10, then quickly 5, then 3s. Then the strategy was to rest long enough to have the grip strength to do 1… then repeat… another 90 times.

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