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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 19, 2009


7 rounds for load:

Hang Snatch
Snatch Balance
Repeat 10 times

Coach’s notes:  For this workout start at an easy snatch weight.  Take the bar from a hang above the knee and snatch the weight overhead into a full squat catch, then stand.  Instead of lowering the bar to the front, lower the bar to the back.  From here, snatch balance the bar.  From the bottom of the snatch balance stand with the bar in the overhead squat and then lower the bar down to the front, BUT do not let the bar touch the floor.  Take it from the hang again and repeat 10 times.  Once all 10 sets of hang snatch and snatch balance are complete, THEN lower the bar to the floor.  You can rest as much as needed during the set as long as the bar does not touch the ground (”Bear” style) and as much as needed between sets.  Increase the load each round and post highest load reached to comments. 

Compate to September 25, 2008

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Comments: 12

When did afro’s came back…..better remember my elastics next time!


as rx’d

65/75/85/98/98f/98/98/108f @ 8.5reps

Another strength day.
Front squat 180x5x3 A2A
Max reps in 1 set pull-ups – 34
Barbell row 120x5x3
Push press 132x5x3
Weighted back ext 40lbx5x3

After 2 reps @ 40 lbs I could no longer get into a full squat and dropped the bar. I felt exhausted by the 5th round.

First time ever doing a snatch. This was tough.

finished with pistols
3sets of 10 used a bench.
These have improved greatly

Will need some instruction / tips with the snatch movement (I did study all the videos on the crossfit page). Was pretty good until I began to fatigue. Need to also work on shoulder flexibility.

Neil – 6 rounds 32/37/42/47/52/55
Judy – practiced using the bar filled with sand – need to work on flexibility so my grip will fit the regular bars or shorten my arms 🙂

First post for me!
Practised techniques with the wooden stick. Was trying to get smoother and not have think quite as much about the order of movements.

45/65/75/85/95 (failed on rep 10…went to fast and was not fully committed…seems to be a pattern forming)/100 failed on rep 7 due to grip issues…

Just practiced with dowel and small bar. First time doing OHS in a few months because of shoulders, so psyched myself out a few times.

Worked on form mostly did 22.5 bar and moved to 27.5lbs. stayed at that weight for 5 rounds and worked on form.

45/55/65/70/75f/75/80f (on rep 3) no grip left and way too slow getting under the bar.

stick, 45, 45, 65, 65, 70(f), 70

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