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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, January 11, 2010

1 Round for time:

Row 1000m

50 Wallballs

Row 500m

100 Med Ball Cleans


Coach’s notes: Guys use 20 and gals 14 lbs for wallball and cleans.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to September 11, 2008

Comments: 22

22:27 as Rx

Who changed the workout? I liked the other one better… 🙁

I’m with Cory!!! What’s the deal??

6 km run included in warm up. Sub in 22 lb (10 kg) ball. As rx’d 19:25. Concentrating on form for ball cleans was painful.

Hey Cory, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky there’s not 150 medicine ball overhead walking lunges in this too!

Think I ate a little too close to this one as I started feeling sick on the first row! 17:16 as rx’d. Thanks Chantel for a fun class. Great job this morning Krista and Kris, you guys were awesome.

23:00 as RX’d.

Had to stop for about 3 or 4 minutes as my lower back seized up. Unsure as to why, because that usually only happens when I’m hyperextending my back. Probably would’ve been around 20-21 minutes otherwise.

Way to push through the sick feeling, Chelsea!! Great time!!

Thank you for the great push Chantal!

16 lb. ball
Kept a decent pace on everything but the cleans – just can’t get my legs to move fast through that range of motion

22:05 with 12 lb wallball

20:44 as rx’d Great work in the 6pm class. Thanks Brett! Chelsea, another amazing time, way to go!

As RX….17:20. 😀

Feels good but legs are done!

22:40 as rx’ed.

First time I felt like quitting a workout. I thought I was going to pass out on the first row and had to go out by the door for a minute. Glad that I did push through and finish.
Used 12lb ball for wall balls. Everything else as rx’d.
Time: 20:25
Chelsea your time is amazing. Way to go!!

Judy – 23:28 with 8 lb ball.

Chad said I did not jump my cleans.
Maybe he was right for some.
Form did get messed up around the end, but I repeated some reps.

Hugie I am just jealous of your sub 20 min time

Recruited a co-worker to do a workout.
3 rounds
500m row
12 Body Weight DL (175#)
21 20″ box jump

Ended up beign 2 500m row and a 400m run due to U of C being infested with undergrads.

10:55, with some delays here and there moving between the rower and the bar and the box.

22:31 as rx’d
Thanks Brett!!!

20:02 as rx’d
Thanks Brett – great times everyone!!!

As rx’d 18.47 i think. It was 18 something.

20:22 as rx’d

18:11 with 8lbs medball

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