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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grant and Kathleen

5 sets of 30s work and 60s rest for each exercise



Box Jump

Back Extension

Coach’s notes:  Perform all 5 sets of each exercise before moving on.  In other words, all 5 sets of squats, then all 5 sets of push-ups, etc.  Use 20 inches for box jumps.  Post reps for all sets and total to comments.

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Comments: 11

Squats – 28/31/31/33/31 Total reps – 154
Push-ups (knees) – 23/19/15/14/15 Total – 86
Box Jumps – 15/16/16/17/18 Total – 82
Back Ext. – 25/25/24/25/25 Total – 124

Sure do like interval training 🙂

Squats – 145
Push-ups (toes for 4-9 each then knees) – 77
Box Jumps -74
Back Ext. -127
total 423

Missed class today due to work, did Crossfit Total
Back Squat 180lbs PB previous PB was 150lbs…..Whoopee!
Press 70lbs (don’t know what PB is on this)
Deadlift 220lbs…FINALLY been trying to hit that for months!
TOTAL 470!!!

Will have to miss class today due to second go-around of the stomach flu in just over a month! 🙁
Does anyone have any ideas for how to boost the immune system? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Squats: 135
Push ups: 106
Box jumps: 138
Back Ext: 112

TOTAL: 491

katrin, I hope you are feeling better soon. The best ways to boost the immune system is the usual washing hands alot, get plenty of rest and water. 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces is a start. Megadoses of good quality vitamin C right now. try the ester C pouches and go with 3-4 per day

Squats: 154
Push-ups: 67
Box Jumps (22″): 105
Back Ext: 92
Total: 418

Squats: 30/30/30/30/30=150
pushups: 30/23/18/16/14=101
box jumps: 31/32/32/32/32=159
backext: 20/20/20/20/20=100
total: 510

Neil started with Back Ext: 20/22/22/21/22=107
Squats: 30/30/30/29/28=148
Box Jumps:14/14/13/14/15=70
Judy started with Box Jumps:10/12/12/12/13=59
Back Ext: 27/25/25/27/29=133
Missed you at class Katrin, hope you get better soon.

Box Jumps: 10/12/13/12/12 – 59
Back Ext: 27/29/31/32/33 – 152
Squats: 24/19/23/20/20 – 106
Push Ups: 19/13/12/11/15 – 70
Total – 387

Thanks for the encouragement at the end, Michelle!!

Thank you intent for your response. I will definitely look into the Vitamin C you mentioned. I am taking a Multivitamin already, but there probably isn’t too much in it. A little bit of everything. Do you know if you can overdose on Vit C???

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