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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 8, 2010

5 rounds for time(s):

35 Ball Slams

25 Back Extensions (unbroken)

15 Burpees

5 Inverts on Rings

2:00 Rest

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs and gals 14 lbs for ball slams.  Post time for each set and total working time to comments.

Attention CrossFitters!  This week let us know what your favourite CFC WOD is by posting it to comments. 

Comments: 33

Favorite WOD: K2E on the minute

Have to say it is Filthy Fifties or anything that resembles it

Favorite WODs:
Distance rowing
Rowing combined with lifting ie) Jackie
A workout like the one we did on Mon, Feb. 1st that combines lifting with another movement for time (21 Power Snatch, 30 KB swings, 15 PS, 30 KB, 9 PS, 30 KB). Loved this WOD – tough but good!

That is a great picture Grantito!!!!

I second the filthy fifties (except for the burpees).

I third the filthy fifties as well.
I also like anything that has Double Unders – especially Rhiannon.

Favorite WOD – any long chipper format (i.e. Madi/Filthy Fifty)
Favorite Hero WOD – Murph



Helen: 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 KBS, 12 pull-ups
Mr. Joshua: 5 rounds: 400m run, 30GHD SU, 15 DL 250/175#

Comment: After 2+ years of Crossfit, there are still many “benchmark” WOD I have never done. Partly because of my limitations/injuries, but partly because some are rarely (ever?) posted. One of my goal for this year is to have a 2010 entry against every benchmark WOD (28 girls, 18 heros, 9 “others”, 9 CFC benchmark WOD for a total of 64 WOD). When July comes around, I’ll start hitting the ones not yet done. If anybody wants to join me on “Benchmark 2010”, I’d love company.

4:57/6:02/5:15/5:17/4:16 (only 1 ring invert attempt) = 25:47
Scaled to trying to get my sorry butt in a tuck position w/ Brett’s help. Went home and contemplated if I drive that big “white porcelain bus”…great WOD. If I never do this one again, it’ll be too soon.

3:06/3:21/3:18/3:17/3:12 as rx’d, Inverts from full hang. Erin I am planning on wearing my black tank top again on Wednesday, just so we can coordinate:) Great job with the Muscle-ups today Michelle. Favourite WODs are Filthy Fifties and Grace or anything with running.

Whoops total time was 16:14

Pierre that is a great idea about “Benchmark 2010”
Favorites are Annie and Nate

Favorite ones: Grace, Isabel, Nancy, Nicole, Michael, Murphy, Josh & Randy.

Just so you know, the favorite WOD’s do not have to be named WOD’s. Today’s WOD for example could be your favorite!

Filthy fifties???! What is wrong with you people… 😛

I like short and brutal.
My favorite unnamed WOD was 21-15-9, 45#thrusters, 20″box jump, burpees. I quite like Helen, and I quite like Jackie.

Fran deserves honorable mention too, the crossfit metcon archetype.

I may need to post a page for this, but lets try to narrow it down….
21-3 95# thrusters and sdlhp
1 rope climb,3 muscle up, 5 165#C+J, 7 315# Dead, 21 BoxJumps for 5rds
10 rounds of 21 box jumps 15 burpees with 1 min rest (freaking heinous)
AMRAP in 20min of 10×135# squat clean and 10 ring dips (oh god no)
1-15 Thruster ladder unbroken (failed at 14 of 15th round, not impressed)

Cindy, even though I HATE pushups, or that one with the k2e’s, box jumps, and du’s. I really like box jumps

As rx’d
Balls slams were making me sick
Only felt OK when I was upside down and some blood got to my brain
Used 9 kg blue ball
Blue ball good -easy to hold when tired
Blue ball bad – have to get low down to catch it
9 kg ball bad – too heavy for me
Next time try lighter blue ball

4:05/5:15/5:42/5:30/5:12 = 25:44 Back extensions were unbroken first round. Remaining 4 rounds were broken. Sore back today from deadlifts on Sunday. Otherwise rx’d.
Favorite WOD – “Tabata Something Else”.

3:18/4:18/5:32/5:35/4:39 = 23:22 as rx’d.

Back extensions were by far the worst part, and moving from those into the burpees was pretty terrible too. The ball slams actually felt pretty good.

favorite is Fight Gone Bad – 15 minutes of hell!

3:26/3:48/?? haven’t broken the rest of my times down yet – but rounds 4 & 5 5ish
20:26 as rx’d (28:26 with breaks)
burpees killed me done in 5’s, round 5 back ext. broken 10/15 (hamstring seized in round2 aaghh!!) THIS is definitely not my fav!
still thinking on the question but… like “on the minute’s” and anything without rowing! (did I say that outloud??)
Thanks Brett – great job to everyone in 9:30 class – Chelsea and Aud – you guys are like the energizer bunnies! nice!!!

Only did 3 rounds as almost rx’d due to lingering cold. Did the ring inverts with the feet pushing off the floor.
Awesome work Katie and Anita and everyone else in the 8 PM class!

28:49 working time

broke the back extensions and everything else but the upside-downs

I like metcons in the 25 minute range ( for me ) where the last movement is achievable where I can give it my all and fall off the rower or collapse from running or double unders.

In truth, it is the unknowable variety I like best

My favorite WOD is “King Kong”
3 rounds;
1 deadlift @ 455lbs
2 muscle ups
3 cleans @ 255lbs
I have yet to try it, but it is still my favorite….

3:30/3:37/3:45/4:02/4:06- burpies in the last 2 rounds were tough. Back extensions were all unbroken. Used 14lb med ball. Total working time – 19:00.I liked that one. Thanks Brett.
As for favourite WODS, I like Michael and I think I would like Mr. Joshua.. In general, I also like the long chippers.. Filthy fifties is a good one and oh, I also like the ladders- the thruster one was good. So many .. One more.. The workouts with weights first and then a metcon I also like! KingKong is crazy!

3:55/3:34/3:36/3:40/3:24 = 18:09
Did box jumps instead of burpees. The ring inverts were not exactly as rx’d. Used my feet against the sides of the rings to help me get inverted.
Great work Katie! Feel better soon Katrin:)
Thanks Brett!

Didn’t mention that my ring inverts I took from the floor too so not sure if that is rx’d or not. Those are funny- in my mind I felt like I was straight upside down but, in reality I think i was more banana like;)

As for the question of favourite workout, I have thought about it all day, but I can’t pick out just one or even a handful. I love them all for what they are. Every single workout challenges me in a new way, and that is what I enjoy so much about Crossfit. I love lifting days, short & painful WODs, long & painful ones, etc. Even if I don’t like some of the movements, I love how I am being challenged and pushed to an uncomfortable state, teaching me more about myself and my abilities.
Long story short: I LOVE CROSSFIT!!! 🙂

I wasn’t doing the two minute rest. Not Rx,d, I guess and I sure could have used rest!

Wow, what a kick in the seat of the pants.
DNF – 4 rounds only.
32:35 with 26:25 working time. 5:11, 6:25, 7:19, 7:30. Each exercise sent my HR into the high 900’s (or somewhere thereabouts).
Ball slams with the blue no-bounce 9 kg ball. Inverts started with feet on ground.

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