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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 3, 2020

A1.  Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 5 reps X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A2.  Row – 250m X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Handstand Walk – As Far As Possible in one set X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A4.  Rope Climb – 3 (unbroken) X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

Coach’s notes:

Post results for all sets to comments.

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A1 – 40/45/50/55/60 failed 4th rep
A2 – 47.8/50.1/48/48.1/47.7 sec
A3 – Handstand shoulder taps on the wall 20/26/22/22/28
A4 – 2 rope climb / 1 rope climb / last 3 rounds 9 K2E on the rope

Thanks Derek!!

4th set 3reps 55/ 2 reps 50

A2: Row 250 cal
I’m still figuring out the computer so I think I was taking around 50 sec on average. I would like to challenge myself more in these now that my technique has really improved.

A3: Handstand Walk
Did Handstand Wall Walks touching shoulders going up, 10 touches vertical and 10 touches walking down. Shoulders feeling strong even after shoulder presses.

A4: Rope Climbs
My goal: Consistency! improve my foot control at different heights on the rope to stay in control at all times while establishing a good down “flow”.

Result: Lots of failure when I have my feet low on rope but learned to recover better than ever. Managed to keep a fairly consistent height. I do really well when I get my feet high. I’m always happy with progress.

Active rest day.
Rowed 5,000 meters in Open Gym at a decent but moderate pace.

Did this in open gym. Awesome to see so many fit peoples using this time to get stronger.

A1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – LOAD
50 / 55 / 60 / 60 / 60,3 reps

A2. Row – 250m -TIME
45.7 sec / 45.5 sec / 46.4 sec / 45.9 sec / 45.9 sec

A3. Handstand Walk, Rx – DISTANCE
35′ / 42’/ 25′, 25′ / 25′, 10′ / 42′
Haven’t done HSW in a hot min and it shows. Feel good in the handstand position, just need to move forward and get comfortable in the turn again.

A4. Rope Climb, Rx – TIME
32 sec / 33 sec / 32 sec / 31 sec / 30 sec
Timed ground to ground

Love how CrossFit is measurable, observable, and repeatable.

22.5/25/27.5/27.5/27.5 (failed the last lift on my right side in the last set)
Rowing:1:02 each round – 4 rounds
Pike off box shoulder taps:15/20/20/25 about 20 seconds per round
Knees towards elbows 🤣 and ring rows – 9 of each for 4 rounds – about 75 seconds per round
Did 4 full rounds and the 5th set of shoulder press.

I like it when I fail my very last lift. Means I max-ed out. 😀

Open Gym with other fit friends!

A1 30,35,40,40,40
A2 53,53,53,53
A3 kick ups to the wall moving laterally along the wall. 3-4 steps each time
A4 3 unbroken each round, forgot to time it 🤔

Messed around with muscle-up stuff and transitions. Thanks for the tips Mr. M!!!

I only got in 4 rounds, wow this WOD kicked my 🍑!
A1: 25/22.5/22.5/20
A2: 52.5/55.8/52/59.4
A3: 50/50/40/40 (shoulder touches off a box)
A4: 2 ub/2 ub/2 ub/ 1
I am super jacked about the rope climbs, last (and first) time attempting these I couldn’t get that foot hold at the under 5 foot mark to press back up….came together today!
My notes: the harder I pushed the row the more messed up I got, also, be ready for the arm burn.
Thanks D!

Forgot to post earlier !
So enjoyed this workout today!!!! I can’t believe the community in this place ! And the coaches are so fantastic keep you pushing yourself and to make the movement proper! And all the encouragement! CrossFit my fingers to do rope climes one day !
Thanks Derek

Only got 4 rounds in. Can never seem to finish the A1, A2, etc type workouts!
A1 – 20/22.5/22.5/25
A2 – 1:14/1:14/1:12/1:12
A3 – R1 wall walk & 20 shoulder taps, R2 23 taps, R3 tried taps after kick up but could only lift hands off floor (barely!) – 4 then 7, R4 was a lot of kick ups on mat trying to balance a stand
A4 – managed 3 unbroken each round but the 3rd climb was always a long one. Too much arm when tired, need to lean back. Also need to ball-up more at bottom.

A good Monday workout! Thanks, Derek M!


A1. 12.5 x5
A2. 1:15/1:05/1:17/1:35/1:32 mins
A3. Plank on hands as scale. Touched shoulder x10 each for 5 rounds. Did my best not wobble!
A4. Scaled to ring rows x12 for each round

Took ‘er easy today. The rowing brought back flashes of Saturday 😐. Otherwise had a good time with this one.

Thanks Kim!

A1. 25/30/35/40
A2. 55.5/52.2/53.6/51.9
A3. Attempts
A4. 1.5 unbroken (shoulder is a HAWT MESS)

Thank you zakk and Tara for the sprint club! Definitely worked harder with you babes there pushing me! Great job 6pm!

Had kind of a rough day and came to WOD+ to work on Lift Off and Heartbreaker stuff but spent almost the entire time chatting and goofing around.

Sometimes you need the community more than the workout. ❤️

Thanks everyone!

Tested the shoulder tonight ahead of the Heartbreaker…
Snatched for only the second time in about two months. Once the body remembered what the heck it was doing it actually went pretty well. 95/105/115/125 then it took a few attempts to get 135 and a whole lot of attempts to get 145 to stay over my head. Can’t seem to quite manage enough external rotation to support the heavier weights yet. Baby steps…
Then tried a few thrusters at 75 which didn’t feel terrible…🤷🏼

Thanks Sarah and Chris for the corner snatch party!

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