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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 2, 2009

600 reps for time:

100 GHD Back Extensions

100 Sit-ups

100 Walking Lunges

100 Push Press

100 Squats

100 Jumping Pull-Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 45 lbs and gals use 22 lbs for push press.  Post time to complete to comments. 

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Comments: 22

Say, what’s the weight for the push press or is it done w/ no weight?

Dowel would be a great weight!

amazonbroad. It’s 22lbs for the push press

Thanks, Intent…it wasn’t included in the coach’s notes when I first looked up the WOD.

Time – 32:57

Do the the exercises have to be done in order or can you mix it up?

non-GHD back extensions

Front squat 190×x, 200×2, 205×2, 210×2(PR), 210×1, 210×1
Max reps in 1 set pull-ups – 35
Barbell row 115×5, 135×5, 135×4
Push press 115×2, 125×2, 135×2, 140×2, 145×2(PR), 152×2(PR)

15:25 with 35lbs push press

22;45 lots of fun

18:54 as rx’d…..whole body shakes

Can someone give me the guideline for how to measure box height for a jumping PU?

Lunch: Full Squat Cleans: WU 10(133) 5(177) 3(197) 1(217) 1(217) 1(217) 1(227 fail) 1(227 PB!)

evening: Benchpress: WU 15(135) 10(205) 8(215) 6(225) 4(235) 3(240) 3(245 PB!) 12(185) 18(135)

WOD: 21:00 (65lb push press) struggled with squats and jumping pullups at end… Totally exhausted felt good!

Neil 26:02
Judy 29:05

22:36 (or 22:56? can’t remember now)…

tubbsoc- put your arms straight above your head (don’t engage/extend your shoulders) shoulder width apart. the bar should be where you would normally wear a wrist watch, about 8-9″ from your finger tips.

Yey, no scaling today! Started at jumping pull-ups. Got really dizzy during GHD back extensions and stayed dizzy off and on until the very end. That was one tough but great WOD!



As Rx’d


GHD BE sets of 50, 20, 15, 15
SUs sets of 50
lunges 83 and 17
PP and JPU were done in sets of 25
squats sets 9 sets of 10 and 2 sets of 5…these were tougher than I thought they would be…

28:50 – that was a good one


Even at 45 lbs, the push press was still the slow part. I spent 6:39 on just the push press.

35lb push press.
Tired before I started…everything felt hard today!

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