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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 15, 2010


For time:

100 Unders

90 Back Extensions

80 Squats

70 Sit-ups

60 Lunges

50 Push-ups

40 Box Jumps

30 Wall Balls

20 Burpees

10 Pull-ups

Coach’s notesCFC Benchmark WOD for the board.  Use 24″ for box jumps.  Guys use 20lb wallball, gals use 14lb.  Post time to comments.

Compare to December 17, 2009

Holiday Reminder – due to today’s Family Day holiday the 9:30 am class and 6:00 pm adult classes and CF Kids classes are available for member and drop in attendance.  Happy Family day!

Comments: 20

Good fun on a Family Day. As rxd at the YMCA=14:23 I still hate burpees.

Ok, while I spent the majority of yesterday secretly giggling at my husband (as like Audra) today, it is much worse – full on belly/gut wrenching laugh – my husband’s first words as he rolled out of bed besides listing off every part of his body that ached was “holy sh*t, I sure as hell got boot *@^%^*’ed yesterday – (yes he needs to work on his vocabulary)
needless to say, he is having a great deal of difficulty just walking today
not sure why I can’t stop chuckling at his misery…

Old Guy – you rocked Madi! nice time! Happy Family Day everyone
Unfortunately, will miss this one again, rest day, my abs hurt from laughing

22.50 as Rx’d.

Did as rx’d thanks to Chantal’s encouragement/badgering.
Unders, situps and pullups were easy. All else was nasty.
Last time was 28:15 but started with wall balls

23:40 as rx’d (last time 28:35)
Great work by everyone this morning!!!
Happy Family Day everybody!!!!

22:44 as rx’d – I liked that one.
Katrin, That is an AMAZING improvement – great job! It was a treat to come in this morning – nice work everyone. “Old Guy” – you need to change your name to MR. SPEED – holy cow 😉

22:35 as rx’ed (December time 25: 33)….I’m with Katie….”Madi” is a favorite!

Btw, thanks a bunch Lindsay – great class! Yayy Audra, nice to see your post!

Great to do WOD of the day and break free from my programming for the day. Time 19:31 but the first 30 unders I did as double unders until Lindsay told me it was singles. I must be so excited I can finally do double unders consecutively.

Did Fran tonight with the “Madi” class.

Rx’d, 4:58.

Sub 5 is a huge benchmark for me, very pumped. Previous best 4:04 at 75#.

as rx’d 17:21…a 3:20 pr
Those burpees at the end are almost as bad as Fran

18:22 as rx’d, 24” box jumps were slow, skipping was also slow as my timing was messed up for the singles!! Stacey that is hilarious about the double unders, couldn’t resist practicing just a bit more hey!!! Thanks Taylor.

22:14 – Everything as rx’d except for box jumps(20″). I do not like Madi. Box jumps and burpees really did me in.
Chelsea you rocked it. Way to go girl!
Thanks Taylor.

I knew you would like that Chelsea!! Great job.

You should be pumped Francis – great time!

21:30 as rx’d. 2:25 faster than last time.

At 5th ave club.
Box was 21″
Back extensions were not GHD.

16:50 as rx’d

18″ box jumps though

As Rx’d (except 55# good mornings for back x/ 20#db/hand thrusters for wallballs)
16 min even
Another named WOD – lots to go.

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