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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, February 10, 2020


5 Rounds for time of:

12 Deadlift  – 155#/105#
9 Hang Power Clean  
Push Jerk  

Compare to June 26, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 26

7:58 Rx’d.
Thanks Derek!

9:06 @ 105#

Thanks Derek!!

10:36 @ 135
Haven’t done this one since Oct 2013. Happy to say I was heavier and faster today.
DL – did 11/1 each round
HC – broke up into 2 or 3 sets each round.
PJ – unbroken
Thanks Derek!
Good strategy tips.

I was pretty sure my time was 8:44 but Don definitely beat me so maybe his time was 8:06. Anyway, 105# and I used a couple of Coach’s break schemes to keep air in my lungs and the barbell moving.

Great job 9am. There are some strong people in this class.

14:10 @ 135#. Felt this one today, not as much gas in the tank as I thought once I got going. Fun though, never done DT. Thanks for the push at the end everyone! 😊
Thanks Derek!

Jeremy if your sure you were 8:44 then I guess I was 8:06 . Definitely remember the 06 part LOL , Maybe Derek M remembers.

First round unbroken
Round 2-5 was 11 DL drop bar rest then 1 DL 9 HC and hold on for the 6 PJ

Great job 9am

Well that was a workout 🏋️‍♀️ there is a reason for the stretching and bolster rolling for the madness!
Power cleans hurt like hell! I 💕 Monday morning 10:00 am workout! Stars my week off on the right track nice and sore !
And I finished all five rounds with my little baby weights !
Thanks Derek for the pushing and encouragement

My collar bone 😢
Thank you D!

I basically died!

Round 1 unbroken at 85# and big mistake.
Scaled back to 75# for the remaining rounds.
Completed in 13:43
Still recovering 4 hours later 🙂

10:40 @ 55#. First 3 rounds unbroken. Last 2 broke 11/1 8/1 6. Probably should have done 65# but it felt sooooo heavy! Thanks Derek.

11:03 @ 125#
13 seconds slower but 20# heavier than previous attempt.
Thanks Shannon

Oi. This one hurt very much. And I LOOOOVVVEEEDDD IT
Next time I will heed Sydney’s cries of “I’m scared” from across the floor.
13:45, 65#
Went out WAY too hot in the first round. Got hulk smashed into reality by start of round 2.
Awesome job 5pm! Shannon’s tips on how to break it up were a huge help for me!

10:47 @ 105#
Shannon’s tips were top notch!

11:56 @ 135

This hurt. Good job everyone!

17:30 @ 55#

Thank you Shannon for pushing me to finish strong!

8:10 rx
This felt really good tonight. Thanks Shannon and great job 5 pm!!

You guys are ALL PRing the comments lately, love it, thanks.
Had to work today, hate missing these classic benchmarks, nice work Crew!

First time doing DT

8:19 @ 105#

Should have gone heavier…. next time!!

Thanks Shannon, great job 6 pm

14:58 @ 135#

A big win for me to finish under 15min at 135. Happy to be able to push the weight in an epic workout like DT.

Thanks for the great coaching Shannon.

11:59 @ 105#

My first time doing DT. Looking forward to the next time.

Thanks Shannon

14:48 at 55#

Shannon’s tips were right on the Money!
10:58 at 95#
last 2 rounds broke up the cleans.
Great job 5pm class,
thanks Shannon

13:00 @ 75#

11:20 @ 95#

Forgot to post yesterday! 8:23 at 95#. Didn’t Rx as I’m broken from heartbreaker. Broke it up 11/1+8/1+6 for the first three rounds, then 6/5/1+4/4/1+6 for the last two rounds.

12:00 Rx

I did this during open gym. And I couldn’t be bothered 😕. So hard to lift heavy things when you’re not with friends.

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