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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 7, 2009

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 Deadlift

4 Hang Clean

3 Push Jerk


1 Rope Climb


Coach’s notes: Guys and gals use 1/2 bodyweight.  Remember hang cleans are full squat catch.  Post rounds + reps completed to comments.

Comments: 20

7 rounds (65#s)
1 as rx’d the rest as rx’d except rope climb
(climb kept getting shorter … 2nd (almost to top) then by the end… only about 1/2 way!! ugh!! was hoping for at least 2 rope climbs!!! next time!)
Nice work this morning to everyone!!! Brett, as always great class!!!!

6 Rounds +5/4/3/2 of Lifts @ 110 lbs
Rope climbs done to 2/3 height

5 rounds (1/2 way through 6th when time was up).
65# except for OHS which was at 22# for my weak shoulder.
Rope climp was from ground to one sort of pull.

6 rounds + everything but rope climb on 7th set.

All rope climbs were as high as I could climb except for round 6 where I changed how I looped the rope through my leg and made it to the top!

Thank you Chantal!!!

No rope, did ten towel pullups instead
With 105lbs – 9 rds+dl+hsc+pj’s
Really felt this in the wrists. Probably coulda used some tape

1 rope climb short of 7 rounds, as rx’d 70lbs. Did rope climbs from sitting position, for the last 3 I stopped at a standing position to re-adjust my feet. Great job everyone I think we all looked like Popeye afterwards!!! Thanks for a fun class Michelle.

8 rounds + 1 more minus the “rope climb”. My rendition is more like a tug.
scaled to 42 lbs – OHS the limiting factor
Great class, Michelle!

5 rounds + dead lifts and 2 cleans. rx’d weight. 3 rope climbs i did not make the top. My cleans were pretty bad more work needed. Thanks Michelle for the instruction.

9 rds + 5DL, 4HSC,3PJ – everything as rx’d EXCEPT the rope climb. That was my first time trying them..wow, they are incredibly hard (from the floor, pulled to standing and then climbed..I think the highest I reached was halfway up, if that.) My forearms felt like lead. Good work to everyone at the 6pm class. Thanks Michelle for the great coaching.

3 rounds + DL + hang cleans + push jerks + OHS
This was an interesting one for me. Really struggled with the weight today, but wanted to stick with it and just keep trying. I knew that I wasn’t going to do many rounds, so just focused on technique and challenging myself with more weight than I was really comfortable with.
Started off with rx’d weight of 57# for DL, hang cleans, and push jerks and a scaled 52# for OHS. In the first round I only managed to get 1 OHS and about 8 tries for the second rep. Finally gave up and decreased the weight for the OHS to 48#. Still struggled with that weight; had many failed reps. Hang cleans were also a tough; they were mostly in 2’s and 1’s. My squats still need a lot of work!
Managed to climb the rope from sitting position to anywhere from half way to 2/3 up if not a touch further.
Thanks very much Michelle!!!

6 rounds + DLs and 1 clean as rx’d (102.5#).

After a few rope climbs the cleans were a lot harder than I expected, and my OHS were feeling unstable for a lot of the workout. I need to work on using my feet during the rope climbs, because I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to get them on the rope.

Evan, substitution for rope climb is 15 towel pullups! As unfair as it may seem! 🙂

I counted 10 rds, but no one believes me, so I decided I will do this one again soon with Brett counting my rds for me. It felt really easy, very light too. And yes I did not do the rope climbs from the floor. I never do!

End the charade now before it gets out of hand Alvaro!

That does seem unfair!! I suppose that means that I am 45 towel pullups in the hole. I’ll just put it on my tab

7 rds + 15 and a half rope, did as Rx’d which i did rope climbs from bottom on floor to touching the roof with controlled lowering, Alvaro i am sure you miss counted

8 rounds, 5 DL + 3 Cleans (85#). Rope climbs from the floor.

Limiting factor was definitely the fear of death.
10 rnds is possible for sure. My grip was the only thing hurting bad, but obviously the most important for dangling yourself 15 feet in the air.

7 Rounds (85#) with attempted rope climb
3 sets with full rope climb from floor.
Sets 4 & 5 -> rope climb half way
Set 6 -> 1/3 of the way + ankle rope burn
Set 7 -> no rope climb attempt

6 Rounds + DL
Scaled wt to 52 lbs for all except OHS (22lbs)
Rope climb for the first time…made it 1/4 of the way at most!

6 rnds + DL + 1 clean

This would be a good workout if I weighed 150#s

Scaled a bunch

OHS first 2 rounds 72#’s then used 62#’s for last rounds. This still took max effort

Rope climbs – usded to think I was okay at these. Wore pants to avaid ankle blisters. Pants too slippery and was unable to do even one rope climb.

Also on the rope climbs Michelle’s standards are extra-hard; bless her heart. I will need to start taking things more seriously if I am ever to do this one as prescribed.

9 rounds + 5+4+3. Used 52 lbs for everything except the OHS used 22lbs. Unable to do the rope climb as rx’d but glad that Michelle made us attempt it. A couple of times I managed to do part of the rope climb. Thanks for the push Michelle:)

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