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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 28, 2009

1 round for time:

500m row

25 Push-ups


50 Push-ups


25 Push-ups

500m row


Coach’s notes:   Guys use 95 lbs for SDLHP and gals 65. Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to May 13, 2009

Comments: 15

as rx’d 18:04 – tough wod to come off the christmas break to. Thanks Gord!
Sarah from Crossfit Regina as rx’d – 23:51

Not quite as Rx’d….subbed WOD for 3 hours of hard XC-skiing in K-country.

Still happy to get a (re)confirmation that our short, high intensity crossfit workouts have a good carry-over in a long distance endurance/aerobic setting.

Subbed several rounds of Wii boxing
Worked up quite a lather with the extra turkey pounds

Not as rx’d. SDLHP @ 52lbs. 75 of the push ups were from toes and 25 from knees.
Time: 18:39
Thanks Chantal for the help with the SDLHP

As Rx. 26:24

Did Push-ups in 3s and 5s.
SDLHP in 5s. to maintain form .


17:05 as rx’d. Was feeling pretty ill after this one. Thanks Brett.

24:26 as rx’d – 2 minutes slower than in May but, 5lbs heavier on the weight this time and (more excuses..) since it was a post Christmas workout I felt like I was wearing Chelsea’s new weighted vest around me on the push ups..Thanks Gord and Laura.

18:14 as rx’d.

2 seconds slower than in May, but in May I ran 400m instead of the row. I’d like to believe that the rows had a greater impact on the other movements than the running would have, and this is actually an improvement.


SDLHP at rx’d.
1st 25 pushups from toes, then rest from knees.
Thanks for the push Brett.

23:42 push ups from knees

20:24 as rx’d – wow… 1st wod in a week – that was rough! felt a bit ill – first SDLHP pretty much horrible – felt better the 2nd 50 … glad to get that one over! Thanks Gord & Laura!!
Katie you make me laugh! Chelsea probably did her 17 min. wod WITH her new vest to boot!!! nice work Chels!

Haha, no weight vest rx’d today Krista. Just the extra padding from Christmas, oy!! Great job everyone, this was a tough one after the holidays.

25:02 as rx’d. Working on perfect push ups with plates. I will do that for the next 6 months. it was slow but hard and executed with perfection 🙂 , thanks Chantal for the push at the end.

Rebecca: 16:43
This was great fun, then my nose started to bleed in the middle of the workout…nice!

Went slow on the last 200m of row
did first 25 PU’s quickly in two sets.
First 15 in a row then 7 at a time for the SDLHPs
At 42 pulled my upper left hammy
stopped for a few minutes then did remaining push ups and row.

I hope my injury is minor. Getting older sucks.

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