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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 23, 2019

In any order complete all:

A. AMRAP rope climbs in one set – no floor touch = rx’d.

B.  Row 500m

C.  10 Alternating Barbell Split Jerk for load.

D. Max Cals in 30s – erg of choice.

E.  50 two foot jumps over dowel for time – 24”/20”

Coach’s notes:

Post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 3

Been away for a few weeks – not feeling very fit today.
A. 5 rope climbs
B. 1:47 500 m row
C. 95# split jerks unbroken
D. 29 cals on bike
E. 35 seconds for 50 jumps 24”

Thanks Todd. Feeling totally exhausted after a full workout of sprints. Merry Christmas everyone.

7 rope climbs
1:43. 500m row
45 sec for 50 jumps 24”
75# for jerks. Forearms and quads were toast with all these sprints

Screwed on the bike. Peddled for 15-20 sec then realized it wasn’t counting. Pfft!! Done!!

Thanks Todd !!

Fun times at 9am. Great job everyone!

A: 8 (came down to quickly and lost grip)

E: 34 secs (skiing is my jam)

C: 185# (could have gone to 195#)

B: 1:30.8 (wanted 1:29 something, so I was close

D: 29.9 cals on bike (was in the floor for 14 mins after)

Thanks Josh!

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