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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Rounds for Time:

10 Handstand Push-ups

35 Double Unders (unbroken)

50 Sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes


Coach’s notes: Post time to comments.

The holidays are quickly upon us.  Check out the holiday hours as listed above.

Comments: 17

Total time = 23:39 w/ modification to the HSPU & the DU’s were broken (though I managed 20 in a row for the first time!!) Great job, Chelsea & Krista 🙂

Total Time 23:09
HSPU’s 2 as rx’d each round then used paralettes and lowered to ab mat – these were slow because of kicking up each time
DUs as rx’d rounds 1 & 4, 2 & 3: tried unbroken 3x then 21x4x10, & 25×10
situps … anchored
Thanks DJ! great class!!

Total time = 23:12
HSPU with green and blue bands, round 1 of du tried for 35 – 19, 26, 25, 23,27 gave up.
Round 2 35du, round 3 28, 29 du, round 4 35du those double unders are a killer.
Great class everyone. Wondering how everyone’s quad are feeling after yesterday? Mine are certainly speaking to me.

Rigged up some stretchy things at home for HSPU’s
Did DU’s in sets ranging from 1 to 17.
Did right number of DU’s but did them as single/double/single/double.
4:18/3/5:09/3/4:13/3/4:20 = 27:00

21:06 Did HSPU’s to abmat, double unders unbroken first 2 rounds, rd 3 did 9,34,22 and rd 4 did 22,12,1, sit-ups anchored. 2:29/2:53/3:36/3:08. Great job everyone, thanks DJ.

Total time: 21:53 – HSPU’s used blue and green band. All 4 rounds of DU’s were unbroken. However 3rd rnd took me until the 6th attempt before I got to 35. Sit-ups anchored.
Thanks Chantel for the help with the bands.
Great class!

3:28/2:16/2:31/3:00 = 20:17 including rest (band assisted HSPUs)

The first round I used blue-green for the HSPUs, and it was pretty terrible, so for rounds 2-4 I switched to green-blue. All double-unders were unbroken and sit-ups were unbroken the first 2 rounds, with a few seconds of rest for rounds 3 and 4.

Oh, and for whoever talks to the website people, there seems to be some spam that has infiltrated the WOD pages. Unless of course CFC is promoting prozac now…

Neil 4:01; 11:18; 18:57; 25:29
HSPU – blue/blue band assisted straight sets of 10
DU’s – finally got into the Buddy Lee zen state and knocked off 8-9 in a row which may not seem like much but that is progress baby! Thanks Brett for the encouragement.
SU’s were unbroken rds 1-2 then took two to three breath rests on the 10’s for the last two sets.

the DU demon is vanquished…..

Total time with rest 18:14
HSPU – green/blue band assisted
DU’s – first 3 rds unbroken, 4th rd 25,10
Situps anchored

4:15, 6:18, 5:44, 5:12 = 30:29 total time
HSPU – green/green band assisted
best total DU was 30

scaled with blue-purple band. mainly 5’s together . last rd HSPU unbroken.
DU all unbroken as Rx- 6 attempts with first round (got to 34 with first attempt!), 3rd attempt with 3rd round, first attempts with rounds 2 and 4. Definitely makes a difference.
situps unbroken, unanchored to floor.

28:15 total time
hspu first round to floor, second to one abmat, 3 & 4 to two abmats.
DUs all unbroken
SUs unbroken for 1 & 2, then sets of 25
Was just glad to get some hspu done

4:36, 11:40, 19:13, 26:58 Total time

DU’s straight through for rounds 2-4, broke up round 1.
HSPUs as close to RX’d as possible but there were a few where i didn’t make it all the way down

2:34/2:30/2:26/3:05 = 19:55 total time
HSPU – green/blue band assisted
DU’s unbroken
Sit-ups with ab mat, unanchored.

24 min and I forgot to rest!

Total Time 24:00
Round 1: 2:55
Round 2: 4:35
Round 3: 3:40
Round 4: 5:37
HSPU – green/blue band assist
DU’s – 20/15
Situps with abmat unanchored

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