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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 round for time:

1000 m Row

50 Jumping Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  These are “true” jumping pull ups.  Bar should be 6 inches above both hands outstretched.  Post time for row and total time to comments.

Attention Moms
CrossFit Preschoolers scheduled for Monday, August 24 at 1 pm will be rescheduled for Friday, August 28 at 1 pm.  This will include our ‘End of Summer PICNIC’ so keep your fingers crossed for good weather and we will be at Arbour Lake! 


Comments: 22

8:19 as rx’d… used taller of the long bars

13:57 total 4:23 on the row

14:01 as rx’d… 4:23 on row (80-85% not sure how to gage could have been quicker)
my hands will require days to heal!! hahaa nice to be back! Thanks Brett!

Row in 3:43 – didn’t leave anything for JPU’s

13:17 total. My row was 4:22 (that was disappointing). I did the jumping pull ups from a bar that was just above my finger tips.

4:00.4 row
9:23 total
JPUs from 15″ box

As Rx’d – 7:06
Paced the Row well in 3:37 – could have pushed JPU’s harder as I only failed one rep.

as rxd, 6:46. row 3:29.6 with damper at 8.5, held roughly 20 stroke/min 1:44/500m
paced row a bit too slow, but did the first 25 pulls way too slow, then picked the pace up after i realized i wasnt gassing. This can be done sub 6. Very disappointed to know I had lots left in the tank. Poor effort

13:32 as rx’d as possible (bar was 5 + inches away from fingertips). Thanks Laura.

Neil 3:45 row 15:05 total
Judy 11:59

Judy 4:22 row – could have gone harder

10:11 as RX’d

Thanks Laura

6:44 as rx’d

3:40 row….still trying to get back to 100% but considering how hard the row was for me…i have a long way to go…could barely maintain a 1:57/500m for the second 500m!!

11:11 failed 2 pullups , repeated.


subbed 1000m run (practicing pose because I need to) and JPU’s to high reg bar(not the High high bar for really tall people but not the low bar). 11:36 then 1000m run, again. Thanks Laura Great class!

Row 3:48 total time 9:35, think I could have pushed a bit harder on the jumping pull-ups.

Row 3:48

11:56 total time should have done bigger sets on the pull ups. will aim for a sub 10 min. next time

Row: 4:34.7
Thanks Laura, Cory, and the rest of the class for your support. Laura your push really helped me. And Cory, thanks for the sympathy pull-ups! 🙂
This was really tough, but I am glad that I stuck with it and got it done!

Row 3:56
Did not go extra hard as I had just had a huge quadruple roast beef and ice cream workout.
This is a training plan I recommend to anyone who needs to be ready to go at any time for a workout.
Nice job Cory on the super-high ring pull-ups.

9:39 with pullups done to rings 6″ out of reach.

I did the row in a leisurely 3:19 at damper 6.5, pacing in between 1:38 and 1:42/500m and 23 spm. As for the pullups, in case anyone has missed my complaining in the past, jumping to rings is terrible and slow!

8:03, row was 3:27.9

Rowed below 1:45 pace throughout. I want to try this again, dont feel good about my effort on the pullups.

HSPU practice, did several reps down to the abmat! pumped about this

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