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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, August 17, 2009

Overhead Squat Ladder 1-15 for time:


 Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 and gals 65lbs for the load or scale as required.  Remember for the ladder you have to do each set without dropping the weight.  In other words round one is one rep without dropping.  You can rack between rounds on the back or in a rack.  For round 2 you must do 2 reps without racking and so on.  So for round 10 you must do 10 reps without racking the bar, round 15, is 15 reps without racking or losing the weight.  Obviously you must choose a weight you can do at least 15 reps in a row.  Post weight used and total time to complete the ladder to comments.

Compare to March 6, 2009

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Comments: 18

45# OHS – 16:15

Modified due to shoulder stability issues (surgery in less than 2 wks….)
High bar back squat at 160# = body weight

As Rx’d 25:31
Actually finished it this time! Great class Chantal!

Blaine: 13:49 as Rx’d
Rebecca: 15 min-ish (stopwatch walfunction)

17:23 with 61.5lbs Thanks D.J!

16:20 w/ 65 lbs. Felt good, considering been away for a week. Should have added another 10 lbs.

Modified – backsquat 88# = 16:01
Thanks for the help with the weight, DJ.
Kimmer – thanks for the timing strategy — would never have waited that long between the last couple of sets but it made the difference.

Modified to a behind the neck snatch grip push jerk @ 65lbs…18:55

As rx’d 14:58 last time (march 6) 16:19

65#, 12:56
Having some kind of nerve issues in my left shoulder, so I went a bit light.

Neil – 65 lbs 19:14 then did 10 rds of 75 lbs/85 lbs/95 lbs
Judy – 22 lbs 24:56
Way to go Alvaro – great work!

As rx’d 15:19. Thanks Doug, Francis, Neil, Judy and DJ. Cory did not help me!!!

As RX’d 19:40 This is a hard one if you have little shoulder flexibility!

17:18 for the gf with 65#

28:45 as rx’d.

Made it to round 13 about 12:00 into the workout, but failed on the 10th rep of round 13 and the 15th rep of round 15. Both times my arms basically went to jelly, and no amount of willpower was going to get the reps done. Once I knew I was never going to hear the end of it from Alvaro I took more rest to ensure I got it done.

Considering last time I DNFed at 75#, this was still a big improvement.

Scaled to 27#. Definitely could have gone a bit higher. OHS are still new to me, and I just haven’t quite figured out what I can and can’t do yet. It was great to build the confidence up though! Next time I’ll use more weight for sure!
Thanks DJ!

30 minutes
10 rounds

Cory!!! That was a DISASTER!!!!!! 🙂

60 until rnd 7 then 55 till rnd 12 then 50 to finish off. Not planned well. It was over 20mins

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