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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, August 16, 2021

A.  Tabata Intervals for reps of:

  1. Ring Rows
  2. Forward/Reverse Hop Over Dowel – 24”/20”
  3. Sideways Med Ball Toss – Alternate right and left.
  4. Shoulder Press – 95#/65#
  5. Dumbbell Power Clean – 40#/25#

B.  Spend 15 minutes stretching.

Coach’s notes:

Post reps per movement, per round and all totals to comments.

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Comments: 4

Didn’t keep track of reps.
Ring rows – was pretty much standing vertical by the end.
Hops – these were more cerebral than I was expecting. Tough to commit to rebounding backwards. Was trying to rebound as much a possible. Sets of 4-8.
Press – used 75#. Even this was borderline too heavy.
Cleans – used 35# DBs. See the comment on press.
Not my best effort this morning.

Dragging a bit from night shift, but still felt good to get in and move, rep counts are approx. Started at 3.
1. Med Ball Toss – Hit 18 for 2 sets, then just tried to stick to 12’s thereafter.
2. Press – 8’s, then 7, then 6’s, then 5’s……
3. Ring Rows = 10 per round, 5 break, then 5. I am with Coach Derek, moved feet further and further back (scaled) in order to maintain reps.
4. F/R hops over dowel. These were really challenging to figure out at this height. Started with rebound doubles X 5, for 10 reps/interval and managed a couple of sets of “true” rebounding for multiple reps and got 12-13 reps. These sets really gassed me. Looking forward to playing with this movement some more……..
5. Managed 4-6 reps, tuckered at this point.

Started at DB cleans
Fell apart super quick
Ring rows practically vertical
Jump over barbell on plates
12# WB
85# press for two rounds then 75#
Good times

*hops were at 20″. Tried a couple at 24″ when doing a demo for the 6:00am class. The last one didn’t end so well for the wooden dowel that I was using.

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