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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, August 10, 2009

“The Bear”

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

7 sets without the bar resting on the ground

Coach’s notes:  For this one perform the 5 exercises listed beginning with a weight that you will be able to manage for the 7 sets without letting the bar rest on the ground.  At the start of each set the bar will touch (but not rest) on the ground for your power clean.  Once the bar is at your shoulders (racked position) from the power clean, front squat the weight.  At the top of the front squat push press the weight overhead (make sure you reach full lockout) and then lower the bar to your back.  From here back squat the weight, then push press the bar from the back to full lockout, this time bringing the bar back to the front.  This is 1 set.  Repeat 7 times.  Rest as required between sets, say 2-10 minutes (yes, that says 10 minutes), then repeat the same sequence at a higher weight and continue to do so until you are unable to complete all 7 sets or you are forced to set the bar down.  These sets are not timed, so take as long as you need, just be sure that when you are taking a break that the bar remains off the floor.  Post the highest load that you reach for the full 7 sets. 

Compare to May 8, 2009

Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a Level II certification on Wednesday, August 12 and Thursday, August 13 and a Level I certification on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16.  Therefore a modified class schedule will be in effect during these certification times. On Wednesday there will be no 9:30 am class but the evening classes will run as scheduled and on Thursday the only class cancellation will be the 9:30 am class.  On Saturday and Sunday, all classes will be cancelled with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled.  Thank you for your understanding.   

A rowing certification has been added to the list of certifications that CFC HQ is hosting.  Click here for more detials and to register.

Comments: 18

Hmmm, should’ve read the instructions more closely. I did leave the bar on the floor during the rest. Should I have racked the bar or just held it like I’m about to do a hang power clean?


amazon- during the 7 sets of the 5 movements (clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press) you cannot rest with the bar on the ground (you can however rest it at any time for as long as you want on your shoulders, hang clean position or any other position you would like as long as its not the ground)… therefore it needs to be touch n go when you come back around to the clean. however after you complete the 7 sets you can rest as long as you need (with the bar on the ground) before you go again.

well i charged up to 84lbs as last time i did that weight and noted it was easy… and failed on 5th round shoulder press. shoulder press was tuff… i think it was a technique issue as sometimes they were effortless and others i struggled it up. anyways dropped to 79lbs and got that.

5th round at 56.5 lbs. Got it and want to get to at least 60 next time. Sore left wrist today and didn’t want to push it and fail because of the wrist.

Oh, wow, did I ever get it wrong…thanks, motokris.

Thanks Gord for the feedback

65, 70, 75, 80 and 85 (got to 6 th round and failed on 2nd PP). Great class, thanks Gord!

Thanks for the great class Gord!

155 completed, 165 failed.

Neil 75, 85, 95, 105, 115 (f)
Judy 11, 22, 33, 43, 53 (f) – should have been able to do this weight with no problem but I have a fear of dropping the weight on my shoulder and tearing it more..can’t wait to have this injury dealt with

95, 105 (Failed on the 6th rd), 105 got it, tried 110 twice without success.

160lbs completed…sorry tlaw for being “that guy”…

65/70/72.5/75/80 First time with this one, feel like I could have gone a bit heavier. Thanks for the instruction Gord, fun class.



125 was a bit of a struggle. I lost the last push press off the back before i could lock it out, but I caught it in front and push pressed it from there.

Thanks Gord for helping me with choosing the weights. I wouldn’t have gone that high if it wasn’t for you! 🙂
(Really struggled with keeping track of rounds. Might have done 8 rounds with 38.5 and 42.)

65 completed, failed at 75 on 3rd set, second push press. Knew it would be my last round so i went for some weight. Did 4 rounds failed on 5th and then did one last round at 45# to end it well.

22/32/42/47 … was happy with this as it was 10# more than the last time I did it!

Great class Gord!

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