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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 28, 2008


 75 reps in as few sets as possible of:

 Overhead squats (OHS)

Coach`s notes:  Recommended weight is 95 lbs. for guys and 65 lbs. for gals.  This is not a timed workout.  If you cannot lift these loads scale as appropriate.  For those that are working on their OHS try performing the WOD with a dowel only, but perform the squats in a doorway so that the dowel rod is not able to move forward and remember to keep the arms locked out, shoulders pressed up.  Try improving the depth of the squat throughout the WOD.  Post the weight used and number of sets to comments. 

Compare to Friday, November 30, 20o7 

Comments: 9

65lbs was too heavy. Went with 45lbs and did it in 3 sets (26, 30, 19). Perhaps could have gone just a little heavier but it was still a challenge.

Scaled to 75lb, done in 5 sets (15/11/17/18/14)
Went as low as I can every reps and slight pause at bottom of most rep.

Post: Another 20-30 OHS reps with a 8 lb bar + snatch balance.
Snatch balance felt really good and solid after all these OHS.

used 65lbs, 4 sets (18,18,21,18), figured out by round 3 that some strategy is involved!

did max thrusters before this for 1’s, got to 113lbs

Used as Rx’d then switched up as form was sloppy

8 (95#)

Too many at 95 fatigued me. Felt good altogether as arms and shoulders felt right.

Agreed with L on the strategy, know your weight first as well.

8# bar 3 sets of 10
37# bar one set of 10

still working on OHS, one of the more challenging moves for me

Legs still sore from yesterday’s run

Back on track with the WOD tomorrow

2nd Workout today. Did “Kelly” from Saturday.

Did @ Crowfoot Y and had maneuver to get to stations

Modified to 20″ Box jumps

I’m beat.

Did first round at 44lbs then had to go down to 38lbs.


Used 65 lbs.
6 sets

Used 44lbs…


Terrible angle for a photo…UGH!

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