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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 27, 2009

2000m Row


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments. 

Important Notice!  Due to CrossFit Calgary hosting the Western Canada CrossFit games qualifier the following classes will be cancelled:

Fri. May 1 – 7:00 pm only

Sat. May 2 and Sun. May 3 – all classes.


Comments: 19

8:30, first time for 2k, nice row Lynette and Garrett!


7:16.9 PR by 3 sec.
Damper at 7.5 , 24 stroke/min average. Happy with my “mental effort” today as I felt tired right from the start, but stuck with it.

My worst time for the 2k. Didn’t feel like crying during the row
so obviously I had more to give.
Way to go Lynette!!




Stayed at ~1:50 pace until 1500m, then had enough gas to speed up to 1:45 for the last 500m. Pretty sure I can cut down this time now that I know what 2000m feels like.

8:48.7 – Next time I need to push myself more. Damper 6. Good job Lynette – you make it look easy!!!


Thanks James for pushing me through the last 500m. PR by 16 seconds.


Off to a bad start on this one. Pushed my legs past where I thought they would go and still PR by over 5 seconds.

Neil 8:10.0 damper 6
Judy 8:55.3 damper 5 – wow need to work on breathing techique
Thanks for all your help James – great class!!

9:49.2, damper 4
Many rowing lessons learnt today; thanks James.
Didn’t push myself nearly hard enough. Had waaaaay too much left at the end. Will need a more aggressive strategy next time and figure out a better way to finish off.

7:37, 23/minute, damper @ 6.5 for an average 1:53/500 m. Held 1:50 until the last 500 m, then I got behind. Pretty much left it all on the course.

Wow, Cory, that’s a smoking time… You should check the ranking page on the C2 web site. As far as I can tell, a sub 6:47 time for your age and weight class would be top 10% of the times ranked on their site. And that’s their sport…
90th 75th 50th 25th
6:47.1 7:05.3 7:31.4 8:00.2


Thanks Pierre, but do you really think I am over 40? Ouch…

way to go Cory…it was awesome to see you row that 2K…impressive stuff…you put all your effort into that one and it showed!!!

7:56 with great coaching from James
Relaxed form, damper in 5, 20 strokes per min. Allowed me to breathe more and better.
As I got tired of pulling I went to 25 strokes per min and fought the second 1000 m to stay under 8 min. Next time will fight for 7:50 and it should be ok as I finished very strong yesterday.

Cory, that was quite a performance!!!

7:20, first 2k row, lost 1:45 pacing and ended up with way too much left in the tank by the end. learning experience

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