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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 26, 2010

A.  Push Press – 3-5 reps x 5 sets @21×1, rest 2:00

B.  Ring Dips – AMRAP in 20 seconds x 5 sets, rest 2:00

C.  Bench Press – AMRAP x 1 set

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 45 lbs and gals 30 lbs for bench press.  There must be no pause in movement or the set is done.  Post loads for A and reps for B and C to comments.

Comments: 13

A. 90/105/125/140/155 – should have gone higher
B. 6/6/6/4/3 – this is the first tme in very long that I have been able to do a dip.
C. 90 – arms were fried after the dips

A. 55/60/65/70/75
B. 9/9/9/8/6 w/ the trusted blue band
C. 30

A. 95/125/145/165/200 failed on the 3rd rep
B. 9/9/7/4/3
C. 80

A. 75×5/85×5/95×5/105×3/105×4
B. 9/9/7/7/7
C. 60

A. 115×5/125×5/135×5/145x3145x3
B. 16/9/10/10/9
C. 74
A. 45×5/55×5/61×5/66×3/66×3
B. 3/4/4/5/3 blue band

A. Dumbells (on account of my condition) 30/35/40/45X4/45
B. 9/9/10/7/7
C. 41

A: 55/65/70/75/85
B: 7/9/11/9/7 used purple band
C: 57 reps

A. 115×5/125×5/135×5/145×2/145x 1/2
B. 7/7/9/8/6
C. 85

A: 65×5/75×5/85×5/95×5/105×5
B: left my sheet at the gym so by memory..5/5/?/1- last one did with purple band -8
C: 44 – suddenly got very hard at 30!
Good wod- thanks Brett and thanks Karen and Erin for sharing!

A: 55/65/75×4/75/80×4-failed on the 5th.
B: Used purple band 8/12. Last 3 sets used 1/2 of the purple band 6/7/5.
C: 44
Thanks Karen for sharing your books.
Thanks Laura for a great class!

A: 65×5/70×5/75×4/75×5/80×2
B: 11/12/12/11/11 with blue band
C: 53

A: 70×5/75×5/80×5/85×5/90×3 (thanks Brett for your push on these)
B: 7/8/5/5/4
C: 41? 48? When I was done Brett asked how many reps I got, and I blurted out 41. Thinking about it afterwards though, I am convinced that I was close to 50. 48 rings a bell. Really don’t know though; brain was equally fried as the shoulders!

A. 135×5/155×5/165×3/165×3/165x 2
B. 12/11/8/7/6 bar dips (still hard)
C. 91 (would have been 100 for sure at CFC )

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