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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 19, 2010

A.  Hang Snatch/Snatch Balance – 1.2 x 6 sets, rest 90 seconds

B.  21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:


Knees to Elbows

Coach’s notes:  In Part A you are first doing a hang snatch for one rep.  When you come out of the bottom (from a full squat), stand up to full extension, lower the bar to your back and then with a shallow dip of the knees drive yourself down into a full squat.  Stand and repeat for a second rep (snatch balance x 2).  This is one set.  Increase load if appropriate and complete 6 sets.  In Part B, guys use 65 lbs and gals 45 lbs for thrusters.  Attempt to complete this WOD unbroken and fast.  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 12

A. 42, 52, 57, 62, 62, 65 lbs
B. 5:00 as rx’d *thrusters all unbroken, K2Es 10,11/5,5,5/3,6* I wish thrusters were always this weight!
Thanks Ali! great class! Aud, nice to see you back! you too Stacey!! nice wod everyone!!!

A. 32, 42, 52, 57, 62, 67- snatch balance seemed easier for me than hang snatch for some reason
B. 5:05 thrusters unbroken; K to E broken and slow….
Thanks for the tips Ali!

A. 45/65/75/85/95/105
B.7:55 missing K to E makes this way worse

Posted the following in the New York website (Crossfit Metropolis):
Thank you everyone at Crossfit Metropolis . Had a great time despite how much I hate front squats. I felt like if i was at home at my gym in Calgary. You are a nice group of people. I hope you come and visit us in Calgary. www. crossfitcalgary.ca
135# x5
155# x5
165# x3 (lost form, weight going forward)
145# x3
155# x1
165# x1
175# x1 (failed)

thank you again! Chau New York for now

A: 22# x6
Need to work on keeping my knees over toes, and toes pointing more forward.
B: 6:23
21 and 9 Thrusters unbroken. Set of 15 broken into 5’s. This wasted a lot time!

A: Worked up to 65 lbs – some good form – some bad (pulled too low, jumped back on SB)

B: Went light and fast to save shoulder – 22 lb thrusters
Need to transition faster from fast K2E to swinging K2E when I start to tire

A: worked up to 65lbs
B: as rx’d – 6:55
A: worked up to 22 lbs
B: 22 lbs & K2E – Not! 7:57

A. worked up to 44 lbs.

B. modified workout tonight because of pulled muscle. 45lb thrusters and unanchored sit-ups. 3:32

Went to CFC exhausted from 5 days of morning till night packing, moving and unpacking, very little sleep and bad food choices. Not a great way to enter a WOD!
A: took it easy and did multiple sets at various weights up to 27#. Wasn’t trying to go heavy on these but rather work on form and speed.
B: 6:48 as rx’d – thrusters very much broken and painful. K2E’s went ok.
Thanks a lot Brett!

A: worked up slowly from dowel to 44# bar
B: 8:32

A. Worked on hang cleans instead of snatch up to 205.

B. 5:20 as rx’d.

A. Back squat instead. Up to 260×3.
B: 4:11 as rx’d. Tried unboken, but had to break K2E round of 15 & 9.

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