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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 13, 2009

10 Sets for Time:



11 Barbell Thruster


Coach’s notes:  7-11, but not like the store.  In this WOD you must complete each round without breaking up the set.  In other words, complete 7 SDLHP without a break (touch and go on the floor), then once you place the bar on the ground after your 7th rep, you must change your grip and stance and immediately pick the bar back up and complete all 11 thrusters in a row or the entire round must be repeated (SDLHP and Thruster).  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 65 lbs for both exercises.  Post time to complete all sets to comments.


Comments: 24

What’s the weight that should be used?

brett says 95 for guys, 65 for gals, scale as required. just to clarify there is no rest between sets.

this one will be nasty…

38lbs. 19:31

45# 16:00

43# 17:09
Should have gone a little heavier.

19:40. Used 45lbs.

Started with 95lb and the first round looked like this:
9 Thrusters
Scaled weight to 75 lbs, but that was still too much to make it through without breaking into sets. So I finished up as quick as I could with broken sets


Brett = pure evil

23:00. Scaled to 55 lbs.

44lb bar with red plates 22:?? – The world was blurry and voices were like echoes after that workout! If I had to drive a standard home, I would be in the hospital. Thanks for the great coaching Brett and support from the poor witnesses around me.


Started at 85 lbs, failed on rep 11 of set 3. Reduced the weight to 75 lbs, and failed again on rep 11 of set 9. Finally managed to finish it off though. Around set 6 or 7 I think my hip drive actually improved, as if I didn’t do it I never would have finished the set. Hopefully I can transfer that feeling to improve my thrusters when I am still fresh.

Neil 65 lbs 20:53
Judy 37.5 lbs 31:10 – home prep – put heat on shoulders and arms for 15 mins. did 35 mins of SDLHP and pullups before leaving for CrossFit – made a great difference when I got there as I was already warmed up… i know the time stinks but I did it – I enjoyed that workout

65#, 18:16
Awesome workout, very hard. Brett you are onto something here with this 7-11 unbroken… Looking forward to some other ones like this!

20:19 as rx’d…thrusters were the worst on rds 6 & 7 and then they seemed to get better…but they still werent that fun…thx Brett for all the encouragement!@@

28:15 at 85lb.

scaled to 22#; could have used more, but legs felt like pudding after Saturday’s cleans hell 🙂

19:19 w/ 65#
getting sick, so took lots of rest b/t sets.

18:59 w/ 47#. Great job Erin, impressive.

As rx’d 26:40

sets 1-6 as rx’d. set 7 failed at 8th thruster.
did last 4 sets at 75lbs

16:41 as rx’d……..this was a tough one!

15:40 scaled to 65lb
More weight next time, but butt was still sore from Sunday lunges.

28:59, first 2 rds at 63 then remainder at 53 tough %^$% wod!

did this one again May 4th
19:00 as rx’d

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