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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, April 12, 2010

5 rounds for time(s):

Row 250 m

15 Toes to Bar

Rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:Β  Post times for each set and total to comments.

Compare to March 25, 2010

Comments: 17

Rowing is starting to feel better. Last 4 or 5 toes to bar were toes to “air!”

1:56/2:02/2:06/2:20/2:15 Total (minus rests)= 10:40
Loved the rowing… sucked at toes to bar.

19:52 could have probably pushed myself a little harder but easing back into gear after 3 week hiatus! Too many XX Dos Equis and girlie beach drinks over the last 3 weeks!
Thanks Brett! Great class as always! Fun to be back!!!
Oh ya, DJ & Michelle – barbell class yesterday was excellent.

24:17 total time working time of 16:17

found the Toes to Bar very hard on the grip

T2B scaled to high toes which devolved into high knees
Rounds – 1:55/2:18/2:11/2:12/2:06
Rows – 52.3/54.2/54.3/52.8/52.9
Focused on rowing clean technical rows. Leaned forward more on front of pull last two rounds. Longer pulls = fewer pulls and, surprisingly (or maybe this shouldn’t be surprising) also better times.

Neil – 20:22 total time=working time 12:22
Rows – 53.2/52.5/53.9/52.8/55.6
Judy – 21:39 total time=working time 13:39
Rows – 1:06/1:03.9/1:03.9/1:02.6/1:03.9
T2B sucked only able to do 3 to 4 T2B per round

1:23/1:37/1:55/2:38/2:19 = 9:52 working, 17:52 total
Slower rounds were about 10 s more rowing and the rest due to having to start swinging on the T2B
Time in March was 19:16
Lynette – I’m all for the leaning forward more too. In March I didn’t and my rowing faded pretty severely by round 3.

Subbed GHD situps for the T2B to continue resting my shoulder.

16:46 total time = 8:46 working time

Rows were all done at damper 4 varying between 43.9 and 46.2.

20:15 as rx’d πŸ™‚

20:07 total time. First round did T2B, 2nd rnd did first 10 T2B and the last 5 as K2E, 3rd rnd did 5 T2B 5K2E and 5 knees up. The last 2 rounds had to sub K2B for sit ups (45 each round) because my shoulder could not handle any more.
Row times: 55.2/59/59/59.3/58.8.
Thanks Lynette for the tips on rowing.
Great class Chantal!!

20:51 for total time (3 min improvement from March 25th)
Row 1:03, 1:02.6, 1:02.4, 1:06.8, 1:06.1, That rowing gets me everytime
T2B first round 10/5 followed by 6/5/4, 5/5/5, 6/4/3/2, 5/4/3/3, 5/5/3/2 .
Without the rest working time 12:51

23:38 as rx’d – there are not enough bad words to describe how I feel about T2B. No idea of times for rows – rowing all out or granny speed – either way wouldn’t have affected my time much. Thanks Adelle for the support – you did great, as did everyone at the 6pm class. Thanks Brett ( I think :).

19:40 total time, hang and grip were fine, but never touched my toes in my life, so scaled T2B to T2 air

17:11 total as rx’d. First wod in two weeks, took it easy.

guess I should have put my working time 11:52 as rx’d
nice work everyone!!!!

20:20 as rx’d including rests.


First 2 rounds were T2B, next 3 were K2E.

Rows ranged from 51-56 seconds.

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