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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

June 1, 2009

Snatch -1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

 Coach’s notes: Post load for each set to comments.


Compare to November 23, 2008

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Comments: 16

Did yesterday’s WOD today…total time was 31:00. Great w/o training to recover fast from feeling gassed into sprinting.

Worked on form today with dowel/22# bar

more work on form than for max weight up to 57lbs

Also worked on snatch technique, not load.
A. Power snatch, snatch, snatch balance, OH squat. Many reps with light bar
B. Shoulder stability exercises and dumbell shoulder press.
C. Weighted back extensions, many reps with 40lb db held against chin.

49lbs… tough wod

1×115, spent entire workout trying to learn how to get under the bar in something other than slow motion. It wasnt happening. Practice Practice Practice I guess

Modified. Single arm db snatch – 45# x 3 (both sides!!)

Very technical lift…we both just practiced
Neil – 65 lbs
Judy – 16 lbs


Successful at 27#
then after dropping the weight I was afraid to get under it and had to begin by building the confidence back at the dowel

Practiced technique. Did multiple repetitions at each weight. Increased very slowly up to 27#.


Like everyone, I was working on form until it started feeling almost normal. 125 felt a lot heavier than 115 though.

Practiced bailing out from under bars at a variety of weights, up to 75#.

Went to 75#. Got it a few times, failed a few times. Lots of work to be done on this one.

In other news, got my first muscle up! Got it my first or maybe second attempt of the night, then failed 4 or 5 after. Soon i’ll be a master…

Worked on form. Speed to go under the bar.
Very good idea to boost confidence was to drop the bar behind me. It helped commit to the lift.

D Worked on form in sets of 3. Stopped at 105.
Thanks for the great coaching Rob and Brett!

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