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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 30, 2016

Complete all sets:

  1.  200m Carry for time. – pick something heavy and take it with you.
  2. 50 Triple Unders for time.
    Compare to Saturday, September 17, 2016
  1. 4 Peg board assents for time.
  2. 50 Chest to bar pull-ups for time.
    Compare to Friday, July 1, 2016
  1. Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges for load – 10 Steps (5/leg).

Coach’s notes:

Post order completed and results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 8

fun workout with a bunch of scaling involved! large sandbag (90#?) for the walk, 150 skips (can’t do back-to-back DUs so it was 9 singles + 1 DU x 15), peg board pull-ups for practice (3min), 50 pull-ups with box assist, 75# OHWL. Thanks Laura!

200m carry – used a 80# D-ball and a combo of carrying methods, didn’t drop it
50 C2B – completed in roughly 6 minutes, definitely some no-reps (great job on these Kirsty!)
OH walking lunge at 105#
Peg board practice, combo of attempts (max 5 pegs) and offset pull-ups
Triple under practice for remaining time
Thanks Laura, great work 7AM!

125lb D Ball for the carry
100 DU, and some triples thrown in for practice
2 full and a few partial peg board assents
50 C2B sets of 4-5, trying to butterfly these
OHWL at 95/115/135/155×5
Thanks Laura

1. 125 D Ball for the carry tried to keep it fast with only 2 resets on the ends
2. Did a 3 min amrap of double unders to test out the new rope 210
3. 1 peg board to the red line,3 rounds of 5 per side hand release offset peg pull ups
4.50 c2b Maybe a little ambitious on the peg board as these suffered. sets of 5 quickly became sets of 2.
5. Ran out of time and had to leave so missed the last part.

10k row. Really wanted to quit after the first 5k… Switched it up to finish the 2nd 5k – row 25 cal, rest 30 seconds. Total working time to complete 10 k 48:30 (3:12 slower than last time) 532 cal.

A. 100# ball carry
B. 3 messy single rep triples …and a bunch of doubles. Did 150 DUs at the end for practice.
C. 4 peg board ascents to the 10′ (middle) red line
D. 50 C2B ….in sets of 5 then 3 then 2 and then singles and doubles (slow!)
E. 135# OH walk for 10 steps
Thanks Josh!

Peg – once to the top (PR) but then done for the day.
Heavy Carry (sandbags )- tried 80# on my shoulders and 60# in my hands. The 60# was a problem. Next time see if I can get both across my shoulders.
OHWL – 85# – 95# – 105#
TU – worked on high DU

A) peg board Rx’d 4:15
B) walk 125# dball didn’t time
C) 5 min triple under practice
D) barbell OH walking lunges 135/165/185(9/10)
E) 40 strict C2B in between sets

Thanks Jason.

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