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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 3, 2010

A1.  Rope Climb – 1 ascent x 6 sets, 90 second rest

A2.  Bench Press – 4 reps x 6 sets, 90 second rest

B.  As many rounds in 6 minutes of:

7 Pull-ups

5 Clap Push-ups

Coach’s notes:  Post comments regarding rope climb, load for bench press, set and reps complete in B to comments.

Comments: 15

A1.as rx’d
A2. 85×4,95×4,105×4,110×4,115×3(f on 4),115×3(f on 4)
B. 8 plus 3 (almost 9!!) clapping pushups last couple rounds were brutal!! Rattled my chin off floor a couple times! Oops!
Thanks Evan!! Fun class!! Katie looking forward to our morning wods!! Great job everyone!!

Have not climbed a rope in a long time. Blisters on my finger tips. Thanks for the help on my rope climbing tech
A. as rx’d
A2. 65/85/105/120/120/135
B. 4 sets +5 chin ups

I don’t have my sheet with me so this is by memory.
A1: as rx’d
A2: 75/80/85/90×3/90×3/90×2
B- this is a little embarrassing – 3 or was it 2 (no idea)+pull ups +?clap push ups- my clap push ups were I think not as rx’d- I clapped myself right into the floor- those are super hard! Nice work in the 9:30 class! Krista I hope your strength is amazing!

Delete ” I hope” above.

A1. as Rx’d
A2. 135/145/155/165/175/185 (Should have started at 145)

B1. 9 Rounds

Fun WOD.

A1. Completed the 6 climbs, but not as rx’d since I did not start from sitting and I used my legs going up.
A2. 85/90(2)/85/87.5/86.25(3, missing a plate)/87.5(2)
B. 7 rounds + 1 pull-up, purple band assistance

Great job Olga, you are a power house!

Only had time for 4 rounds of A
A1) no feet/feet/feet/no feet
B) 9rds + 2 pull-ups as rx’d.
Thanks Michelle, great job Dave and Alvaro.

A1-first 4 climbs just from the floor and up…..but the next one was half way up and the last was 3/4 up. I really suprised myself. Thanks for all the encouragement!!
A2- 32,42,45,55,60,65 due to bad shoulder.
B1- 4 plus 4 pushups but no clap and first purple than blue band.

A1 – 5 rds from floor to half way up rope
A2 – 135/145/155/165 – ran out of time to do 6 rds
B1 – 5 rds as rx’d
A1 – 5 rds from floor to standing – 6th rd from standing to 2.5 pulls up rope 🙂
A2 – 32/37/42/47×2/47(f)/45
B1 – 6 rds of blue band pullups & 5rds plus 2 pushups – rds 1 all with claps, rd 2, 3 claps and 2 no claps, rds rds 4 & 5 2 claps 3 non, rd 6 2 claps
Thanks Michelle for all your encouragement, it really means alot!!
Thanks Chris and Colleen for being my bench press partners

did the bench first because the class was busy
A1: climbed as high as possible with just my arms
A2: 225/235/240/240 fail/235 fail/ 225

B: 4 rounds +2

A1. Completed 6 rope climbs, not as required as I did not start from sitting and used my legs (of course, no other way possible!)

A2. 85/90/92.5/95/97.5/100 (fail last one)

B. 5 rounds, purple and blue band assisted. Push ups from knees.

To be honest after finishing part “A” my workout was done!

Thank you everybody in the 5pm class for the motivation and encouragement, specially Michelle, Gina and Arsenault.
Have a great long weekend everyone!

The 40 dollar wod for me!!!!
A1. as Rx’d figured out the wrap up of the rope.
A2. 115/125/130/135/145×3/147.5×2
B1. 6 Rounds

A1. From the floor, no legs x 6
A2. 145/165/170/170/165/165×3
B. 9 + 3 pull ups

bench – 79lb (failed on final set, last 2)
rope climb – 4 to the top, 2 3/4 way – with legs

B- 4.5 rounds (5 sets pullups, 4 sets push ups)
knee push ups
blue band, strict (don’t have a kip yet…)

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