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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 25, 2009

5 rounds for time:

30 Unbroken KB Swings

15 Jumping Pull Up Burpees


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 2.0 pood and gals 1.5 pood for KB swings.  If KB swings are broken, that set must be repeated.  For burpees set bar 6 inches above two hand reach.  Post time to complete to comments.   

Important Reminder – Fight Gone Bad fundraiser is happening tomorrow at CFC.   


Comments: 17

all are welcome to FGB with us tomorrow! there are open spots at the 11:30 time slot. congratulations to the fundraisers- $6,000 and still going!!!!!!

23:xx not as rx’d… started with 1.25pd KB- 1st round all reps, 2nd rnd dropped at 15 and just did next 15 to finish it, then switched to 1pd for last 3 rounds. i assume that unbroken means you cant drop it but you can stop with it hanging to rest grip- which i did the last 3 rnds. not sure but didnt have a choice- grip was fried. burpee jumping pull-ups as rx’d.

I dont see any way to do 150 unbroken 2pd KBS. This has to be a typo or belated april fools joke

I could have sworn that said 1.5 pood last night! Taylor, I recommend using the rings for the pullups this time.

I think if it said 30 seconds unbroken KB swings this would still be awful. I dont see any way to do this for 30 reps 5 times including pullup burpees, unless I do a round an hour and finish around bedtime

14:13 – as rx’ed.
Burpees finally felt good.

Ok, now that everyone has called bs on that one, will tell the real story. Injury is keeping me out of the workouts, so reading this WOD was the only thing I did. Ok, so maybe I”m not funny….

tlaw, I think it may be a typo but not sure. Unbroken = no stopping and I don’t know of many who can do 30 at 2pd. I am suggesting for classes tonight that guys go with 1.5 and gals 1pd.

I love unbroken KB swings…I seem to be alone on that one.
Anyway, no jumping pu’s as both cages were occupied so just did the burpees…17:00 (burpees were feeling not bad today and that’s the truth)

Tough WOD
Neil 1.25 pood – 33:23
Judy .75 pood with assisted jumping PU – 22:56
Good luck to all who are participating tomorrow at FGB!! Have lots of fun!

I gotta agree with Taylor on this one!! thank goodness it was a rest day for me!! yvette – I’m still howling!!!

oh ya…. GOOD LUCK and Kick Butt tomorrow for all those participating in FGB!!! nice work on the fundraising too!!!

37:11 with 2 pood and jumping to the infernal rings 6″ overhead.

This was pretty terrible. The first set of KB swings wasn’t too bad, and jumping to the rings was as terrible as usual. I made sure I took about the same amount of rest as Taylor between sets, taking 2, 3, 4, and 6 minutes before starting the KB swings. For rounds 4 and 5 I was barely holding on to the KB for the last 5 reps, and it was only momentum that was keeping it in my hands.

Nice work keeping me company with the 2 pood Taylor, and thanks Alvaro for trying out the rings for this workout. It’s a shame about the 1.25 KB though…

Used 1.25 pood for 1 & 2 then 1 pood for 3,4 & 5.

33:26 as prescribed
Never would have even attempted the 2 pood without Cory’s peer pressure. Thanks to Trevor for a solid class keeping us going. dont have my splits with me right now but I will post them later. First round took about 2:30

.7 pood with modified jumping pull up burpees. I chose to be a slacker tonight. Aggravated a sore back with WOD’s this week. I’m expecting a big improvement next time this one comes around.

31:25 as prescribed by me with 1.25 pood. I could have done it with 1.5 probably but I had to leave something for fight gone bad tomorrow morning and did not want to compromise my back. i jumped to the infernal rings 6″ overhead set by Cory for me. so no doubt there were no shortcuts there!. Really terrible! You look at them and they are moving!! Yes the rings are not still!! so not only you have to jump but to a moving target. Terrible!!!
There is no way I can do this wod with 2 pood without ending in the hospital!!

33:38. Used 1.25 pd.

Cory and Taylor were unbelievable! They both did it as RX’d! Incredible!!

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